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Fro-yo arrives in Harvest Farms Village

February 21, 2014
After the recent string of hot February days, it's easy to get a hankering for a cold treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. Fortunately, Yogurt Stop, a new self-serve frozen yogurt shop in the Harvest Farms Village, has a limitless number of delicious combinations to satisfy your appetite for a light dessert.

"It's totally self-serve. We have over 30 different toppings, so you can mix it up the way you want," said Celia Kachi, co-founder. "There are ten different yogurt flavors. Most of it is gluten-free, and all real dairy."

Michael and David Kachi, Celia's brothers, are the owners of Yogurt Stop, but the whole family is helping out, including Celia and their parents Tony and Amira. The Kachis are cousins to the Jabro family, owners of Lilac Foods. Although they have a wealth of experience running convenience stores, gas stations, and delis, this is the Kachis' first venture into frozen yogurt.

"We just really like the concept of it all. We love yogurt. Really it was so spur of the moment," said Kachi. "We live in Easy County and there are so many different yogurt shops all over the place and we would go there all the time. We just kind of saw how it worked and figured we would give it a try."

Yogurt Stop offers many of the flavors you would expect, such as Cookies 'N Cream, Classic Tart, and Wild Strawberry, but there are also some tasty surprises. Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel, Zeusberries Greek, and Candy Bar Smash are some other options guaranteed to delight. The real challenge at Yogurt Stop is resisting the urge to try all the flavors at once!

"We'll get a couple new flavors every couple weeks," said Kachi. "We'll rotate them, see what works."

Rainbow snow caps, sliced almonds, mango boba, fresh fruit, and cheesecake bites are just a few of the more than 30 toppings available to top your fro-yo creation. Since the cost of the dessert is based strictly on weight — 45 cents per ounce — it makes no difference if you load up on yogurt or fill your cup to the brim with gummy frogs.

"People can just kind of do what they want to do with it. They can put as little or as much as they want, depending on how hungry they are," said Kachi. You can also try out small samples of each flavor first before making a commitment.

Regular customers can also take advantage of Yogurt Stop's stamp card, which rewards a free 8 oz cup after eight trips to the shop.

Current hours of operation are 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. on Sunday. However, when summer arrives and school gets out the hours may be extended, according to Kachi.

"Business is good so far. Everyone is really excited. They've been waiting a long time for us to open," said Kachi.

Yogurt Stop is located next to Lilac Foods at 28958 Lilac Rd. Unit C. Drop by or call 760-749-0200 for more information.

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