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June 05, 2013
"Just Fixin' To Do It"

Being from Texas, Valley Center's Western Days were about as close to "back home" for me as you can get. In fact, just writing about it makes me want to let out a big ole "Yeehaw!" but I'm holding off. You see, being new around these parts, I'm still learning the vernacular around here, i.e., how y'all talk. Now, I know y'all don't say y'all (and I don't hold that against y'all), but Valley Center has a definite "Texas feel" to it, and I am mighty grateful to live in such a warm and friendly place.

So I got to thinkin' (as you know I'm prone to do) about other Texas sayings, in particular "fixin' to do" something. In fact I have a T-shirt with the Nike loco, but instead of saying "Just Do It" (since I bought it in Texas), it says "Just Fixin' To Do It.

If you're a little confused, now just hold on, I'm "fixin' to" explain. You see, Texans can't do anything without fixin' to do it. Even if we're going to fix something, we are still fixin' to fix it.

Although "fixin' to do it" can mean my action is imminent, oftentimes, unfortunately, it really means "I'm just in the thinkin' about fixin' to do it" stage.

So I was thinkin'…..

When it comes to following Jesus, how many of us live our lives just fixin' to do it, instead of actually doing it? Now, I'm not talking about staying busy with "religious" activities. I mean purposely living our lives for Jesus according to His plan by following His commandments.

Jesus never told His disciples to think about what He commanded them to do, run it around the campfire, try and get a consensus and then get back to Him when they got around to it. No! Each of His commandments is an imperative, i.e., just do it!


(Jesus said) "If you love Me, you will keep My commandments." John 14:15

©2013 Phyllis Knight

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