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So I Was Thinking…

August 01, 2013
"Rocks in My Head"

(Part 2)

As I stated last week, our house is surrounded by big rocks (which, again, I love!). In fact, it "nests" on a rock high up on a hill on property I call "The Promised Land."

Prior to moving to Valley Center last year, we spent ten years in Escondido on flat land (with no rocks!), a time period I refer to as "wandering in the desert." Not just because of where we lived, but how we lived. During that time, my husband and I devoted most of our time, money, effort and resources to starting and building our own business. It was a very tough time (and, yes, there were times I thought we must have had rocks in our heads!). It was hard physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. But, thank God, not spiritually. Because, thanks to Christian parents and being raised in the Christian faith, my hope was in the Lord, and because God had proven Himself faithful over and over again. He was (and is) our Rock, our Foundation.

During those years, I would remind myself of one of my favorite versus, Isaiah 40:31 "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Waiting upon the Lord does not mean sitting around twiddling your thumbs. It means never giving up, while continuing to seek His will for your life and trusting Him for the outcomes.

So I was thinking …

Not everything was bad during the "wandering in the desert" time and not everything is perfect in "The Promised Land." There are lessons to be learned no matter where we are in our journey of life. One of the most important is the Lord is faithful to those who seek Him and His will.

Because of its location, we call our home our "Eagle's Nest." But, no matter where we live or what our circumstances, we can all soar like the eagles - if God is the Wind beneath our wings.


Hey Readers! I am writing an article for the fall edition of the VC Magazine and I need your help! Please send me a paragraph ASAP of what fun, exciting, unique, interesting, etc., activity you did (or will do) on your summer vacation. Include a picture if you like.

Then, grab your copy of the VC Magazine when it's published shortly and see what your fellow Valleyites have been up to this summer. Thanks in advance for your help!

Send to pknightwasthinking@gmail.com.


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