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Homeward Bound

September 09, 2013
I wear a compass around my neck. Not to help me find my way home, but to find my way "Home." More about that in a moment.

Many years ago, as a new resident of Riverside, I attended a day-long event, and turned the wrong way when I headed home that night. I drove for several miles thinking, "I don't remember seeing any of this on my way here," but I kept going because I was "sure" I was headed in the right direction. Then, I found myself in a bad area and started to get concerned. (Note: This was the pre-cell phone/GPS era – I told you it was a long time ago!) Anyway, I finally remembered my new-fangled compass at the ceiling of my van and looked-up. I saw I was going east when I should have been going west! I immediately did a U-turn and headed in the right direction, arriving home late, but safe and sound.

Despite that adventure, that is not the reason I wear a compass; and, actually, it really is just a beautiful necklace. On the front, it has all the usual "compassy" things: N, S, E, W, etc., but what's really important to me is what's inscribed on the back, "The journey begins today."

I'm not going to give you any blinding "Road to Damascus" insights here, but sometimes it's just important to remember the basics. The journey begins today means, well, the journey begins today! (See, nothing up my sleeve.) It's just the truth. Whatever happened yesterday, today is a new day. That doesn't mean we won't suffer from the consequences of our actions or decisions made yesterday. (I had a stomachache this morning). But we can learn from our choices and not make the same mistakes today. (I won't eat a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream right before bedtime!) Just as my body will forgive my transgression of overindulging last night, our Lord and Savior will forgive our transgressions if we truly repent and change direction to follow Him.

I never get tired of seeing the sun come up! There's just something about each new sunrise that inspires hope and renewal. It reminds us that each new day, in many ways, is a "do-over" — another chance to get it right, or at least better. Now, granted, some days are just hard, especially when the loss or sorrow of yesterday lingers. Although some hurts we never fully recover from, each new sunrise does bring its own journey of faith and hope for a new and better day.

I know we find ourselves going in many directions here on Earth, and we can easily lose our way. But, if Christ is our traveling Companion and our Compass, we'll enjoy the journey and He will lead us Home!


Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

©2013 Phyllis Knight

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