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Jags win in overtime for third water polo victory of the week

October 16, 2013
Valley Center's varsity boys water polo team came together for a trio of impressive wins, including an overtime thriller to wrap up the week's action.

The Jaguars began the week with a game last Tuesday at home against La Costa Canyon and pulled away late in the game to take a 13–8 win.

The Jags knew this would be a tough game after taking an overtime win against LCC in the Poway Invitational early in the season.

The Jaguars took an early 2–0 lead in the first. La Costa Canyon put away two goals in the second but the Jags were able to score three to lead 5–2 at half. La Costa was able to outscore the Jags in the third 3–2 giving the Jags a 7–5 advantage heading into the fourth. The Jaguars were able to turn it up earning six goals allowing three to seal the win.

"This was an extremely physical game and the boys held their composure very well," said head coach Kyle Kline.

Paul Schaner had a huge game with six goals, five steals, three exclusions, and one penalty shot. Luke Marshall had a huge game earning six goals, three assists, two steals, and one exclusion. David Trok had one goal, two steals, one block, and two exclusions. Jared Schaner had three assists, and one exclusion. Gavin Marcon had a big game with 14 goal saves, three steals, and two assists.

Last Wednesday, the Jags took on the Oceanside Pirates in league play and ran away with an 18–2 win.

The Jaguars had a solid start earning eight goals allowing none. VC slowed things down a bit in the second earning two goals allowing one to lead 10–1 at half. The Jags earned four goals in the third allowing one to lead 14–2 heading into the fourth. The Jaguars again earned four goals allowing none to cruise to the win.

Freshman Jared Schaner had a big game with five goals, three assists, four steals, and earned two exclusions. Ryan Semon had a good game with two goals, two assists, two steals, one exclusion, and one penalty shot. Paul Schaner had two goals, one assist, five steals, and two exclusions. Brock Daugherty had two goals, one assist, and one steal. Nathan Leader had one goal, two assists, four steals. Will Russell had one goal. Tony Oreb had one goal, two steals, and one block. Jacob Banner had one goal, one assist, and two steals. Luke Marshall had one goal, one assist. David Trok had one goal, one assist. Jared Trok had one goal, one steal. Gavin Marcon had 12 goal saves and two assists.

And on Friday, the Jaguars traveled to the Solana Beach Boys & Girls Club to take on Santa Fe Christian and came through with a big defensive stop in overtime to take a 23–22 win.

The Jaguars had a solid start earning five goals allowing three. Both teams earned five goals in the second, giving the Jags a 10–8 lead at the half.

Santa Fe Christian picked it up in the third earning six goals allowing four to tie the game at 14 heading into the fourth. Both teams were able to earn six goals each in the fourth to tie the game at 20 at the end of regulation.

Overtime consists of a pair of two–minute quarters, and the Jaguars were able to earn two goals in the first overtime quarter allowing one. Both teams scored one early in the second overtime.

Santa Fe Christian had one more possession with time winding down, but Brock Daugherty was able to come up with a big steal with 33 seconds left on the clock. The Jags were able to set up offense after a timeout to run out the clock. Santa Fe took their timeout with three seconds on the clock to earn one last attempt on goal. Luke Marshall defended Santa Fe Christian's leading scorer as he attempted to tie the game, but Marshall was able to defend perfectly and forced the shot wide, giving the Jags the win.

"This was a unique game as we clearly struggled defensively," Coach Kline said. "Our offense was solid but we could not defend their leading scorer as planned. Poor lighting and a late night game may have contributed to both team's defensive struggles as this was an unusually high score."

Paul Schaner had an awesome game with 13 goals, one assist, four steals, one block, two exclusions, and one penalty shot. David Trok had a great game with four goals, four assists, five steals, two blocks, and one exclusion. Brock Daugherty had a good game with three goals, four assists, five steals, one block, and two exclusions. Luke Marshall had two goals, two assists, four steals. Jared Schaner had one goal, two assists, one steal, and one exclusion. Tim Sheehy had three assists, three steals. Will Russell had two assists, one steal, one block. Jared Trok had one assist. Gavin Marcon had a good game with 12 goal saves and four assists.

After playing two more games this week, the Jaguars play again on Monday in the San Diego Open Tournament.

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