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Nine candidates enter Honorary Mayor's race

March 20, 2013
The Irish Stew Cook-off Thursday night was the location where the Valley Center Chamber of Commerce chose to announce the names of the candidates for Honorary Mayor.

There are nine of them, which may be a record for the contest whose winner has no power but has plenty of bragging rights for an entire year and gets to ride in a place of honor in the Western Days Parade.

The candidates are: Alan Armstrong, representing the VC Chamber; Eric Jockinsen, representing the VC Optimists; Dr. Greg Carlson, representing the VC Rotary Club; Mona Smith, of the VC Community Theater; Martina Day of the VC Middle School Teacher Parent Club; Gary Farmer, of the VC Real Estate Professionals; Marcia Townsend of the VC Federated Republican Women; Bobie Weiss of the VC Women's Club and Oklahoma Francis of the VC Vaqueros.

In the coming weeks the candidates will be interviewed and be introduced to the community and will present their platforms which, if history is any guide, will be punctuated by promises that will be impossible to keep and by claims that may, in some cases, violate the laws of nature, such as gravity.

Mayor's Race Rules

Candidate must be 18 years of age or older, a resident of Valley Center and be sponsored in writing, by a Valley Center non-profit service organization of which the candidate is a member. This organization will be legally responsible for their candidate.

No candidate shall be sponsored by more than one (1) organization.

No organization shall sponsor more than one candidate.

The campaign of each candidate shall last no more than sixty (60) days and not less than thirty (30) days.

On a date to be announced, the candidates and/or a representative from his/her sponsoring organizations shall present to the Western Days Treasurer, at the VC Chamber Office, a check in the amount of campaign funds raised in the previous sixty (60) days, along with a full accounting of all campaign funds raised. At no time after entering shall a candidate or his/her representative leave until all money is presented. At the time of accounting, those present shall be the Western Days Treasurer, Mayor's Race Committee and each candidate and/or a representative from their sponsoring service group.

After all monies are counted, a ticket will be put in a barrel for every $100 raised (the numbers will be rounded up). After all participating groups have put in the corresponding amount of tickets to match their funds, the barrel will be mixed up and the acting Honorary Mayor will pick one ticket from the barrel. The candidate who holds the winning ticket is deemed The Honorary Mayor of Valley Center for one (1) year.

All monies raised by each group will go back to their respective organization, with the exception of ten percent (10%), which will go to the Jack Vosberg Community Service Scholarship. A committee made up of all candidates who participated in the Mayor's Race will be headed up by the last year's Honorary Mayor or a representative from the sponsoring group. This committee will decide scholarship recipients from essays submitted by graduating seniors at Valley Center High School. The essay topic will be announced at the start of mayor's race. The number of scholarships may vary from year to year depending on the total raised by all participating groups.

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