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Alan Armstrong shovels for Chamber

May 15, 2013
Being in the manure business Alan Armstrong feels that he is uniquely qualified to pursue a political career. Armstrong is representing the Valley Center Chamber of Commerce in this year's Honorary Mayor's race.

Because he is also in the chicken business, Armstrong feels that the best political promise he could make is "no smell and no flies in Valley Center, particularly at my chicken ranches at Cole Grade and Lake Wohlford. I'm going to also get rid of all of the political B.S.!"

So how did he get into this mess (and we don't mean the manure!)? "When they were picking candidates, I heard somebody said 'Shut Up! and I thought I heard them say, 'Stand up, and that's how I got the job!" says Armstrong.

Armstrong promises to "continue the legacy that Left Eddy started with his candidacy several years ago.

The climax to the mayor's race is coming up on May 17, but you can still contribute to Armstrong's campaign at Armstrong Feed & Supply or at A-1 Irrigation. Anyone who makes a contribution will be in line for a meet and greet with a chicken.

The Armstrong family has been in the egg business since 1946 and has raised chickens in Valley Center since the mid-1960s. They bought the feed store on Cole Grade Road about five or six years ago.

"I went to kindergarten here when there were only two kindergarten classes and two schools and no stop lights," recalls Armstrong. "At eight-years-old I was driving tractors across town and there wasn't any traffic!" He showed steers for nine years for 4-H and FFA, and today he bids on steers at the San Diego County Fair. "We try to support the 4-H kids," he says.

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