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Fireworks show survives last minute protest

June 19, 2013
The July 4th fireworks show dodged a flying toad last week, as a local resident citing concerns about the endangered Arroyo Toad came close to succeeding in once again killing the annual event that is scheduled to be held near the VC Community Center.

Although it has been known for a year that a fireworks show was being planned for July 4 on the Belanich property next to VC Community Center, a resident who opposes the event waited until recently to file a complaint. The County acted on the complaint—and for a while it appeared as though the event might be cancelled.

However on Tuesday, Kelly Crews, who heads the non-profit that puts on the show, signed with relief as she said, "It looks like a go!" At least for this week.

On June 12 Kelly Crews, who heads the non-profit group that puts on the show, received this communication from Joann Fang of the county Dept. of Environmental Health. "A Valley Center resident has asserted to the Department of Environmental Health (DEH), through County Counsel, that the proposed event (Valley Center 4th of July) would release perchlorate to soils in the vicinity of the event, and that this contamination would run off into Moose Creek, potentially affecting the Southwest Arroyo Toad and other species of toads. DEH will consult a County biologist to better understand the substantive merits of that assertion, and other assertions of potential environmental impacts from this event. We will then determine whether further environmental review of the proposed event is required under the California Environmental Quality Act. We will communicate with you further on this issue as we make progress."

Fang later wrote Crews, "At this time we are not able to approve or deny the Community Event Permit, but are bound by ordinances to review any assertions of potential environmental impacts. Please send me your most current report information (the version I have from last year has DRAFT on it) and any signed/completed waivers you've received for the 2013 event.

I will provide it to the biologist and County Counsel for review."

But then on the 18th Mrs. Crews got this communication from Rodney F. Lorang, Senior Deputy
Office of County Counsel: "This is notification, on behalf of the County Department of Environmental Health (DEH), that the County has determined that no further environmental review of the fireworks display event that you have proposed for July 4 in Valley Center is required, and that environmental issues will not preclude issuing a community event permit for this event."

For several years a VC resident, who lives near the Community Center, has objected to the fireworks show for various reasons, although the most consistent one is that she fears its effects on her horses. She was able to get the show stopped three years ago when the VC Parks & Rec. board determined that it would need to require an environmental impact report before allowing the show on its property. So the following year the organizers moved the actual fireworks to the adjacent property owned by Belanich, with the Community Center providing the property where people could watch the show.

If the show goes forward without further threats, viewing of the fireworks will be from the Valley Center ballfields on Parks & Rec District property, although the fireworks will be shot from the adjoining property of John Belanich.

Viewers should bring their own chairs and picnic dinner. Blankets are also a good idea, as sometimes it can get chilly. The VC Kiwanis Club will serve food and Charlie Smith of Country Kettle Corn will sell his sweet and salty snack. A church group may offer face painting and inflatable jumpers will also be available to play on for a $1 suggested donation.

Parking will be across the street at VC Municipal Water District property. The $4 fee collected will benefit the California Highway Patrol Explorers.

This year the CHP will be onsite to direct traffic. They will turn off the signal lights to get people in and out as fast as possible.

Over the past year Mrs. Crews has been working on collecting money from major donors and now has $34,000 including $20,000 from Valley View Hotel and Casino as presenting sponsor, $2,000 from Arie DeJong, $2,500 from Darlene Shiley, and $2,500 from SDG&E. In addition, the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians donated $7,000 for logistical support.

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    Fireworks show
    June 21, 2013 | 07:03 AM

    I am disappointed that the fireworks show will continue. Although it is an American tradition for the Fourth of July, and a fun activity for families who gather to watch the show, I have had to stay home from the activities when the fireworks show was at the high school due to the fireworks show frightening my horses and dogs. I literally would be holding my dogs in the barn and watching my horses bolt across their corrals during the length of the fireworks show. Most people move to V.C. to get away from noise, pollution, crowds, and city activities, and that is why I wish V.C. would remain a quiet place where we can know that our animals are safe at home.
    I've heard that the day or week after July 4th is the busiest for animal control as many animals flee the safety of their home due to the fireworks show. It's just not worth it to me to watch a fireworks show when animals are possibly getting hurt out of panic, running away, etc. Not to mention some empathetic, responsible animal owners who are having to stay home to attempt to keep their animals safe. I know the majority of V.C. residents prefer the show, but I thought someone else should stand up and give another perspective.

    Jennifer Weeks
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