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'We are not staying in the black' says parks board director

July 02, 2013
Finances and the precarious financial position of the Valley Center Parks & Rec District (VCP&RD) continue to be front and center of each of the district's monthly board meetings. June's meeting, with its discussion of the budget, was no different.

"We have been deferring hard decisions for years," said parks director Larry Glavinic at the June 19 meeting. "Some of our facilities are costing us more money than they are bringing in. We are not staying in the black." Glavinic said that it is time for the board and its general manager, Doug Johnsen, to go through the budget with a fine toothcomb and make tough decisions about what works and doesn't work financially.

Johnsen defended his approach to budgeting. "Every day I go through expense to see if we have the money to spend that day. I make those decisions day to day."

"You should have some reserves that you can fall back on," said Glavinic.

"It's very difficult," replied Johnsen.

"We need as a board to say, 'This is a budget." We may need to make some hard decisions. I think we should take some ownership on the budget. We have to make some very hard decisions. Otherwise I'm going to bail," said Glavinic.

Glavinic noted that both the ball fields and the Adams Park Pool lose money.

"That's why we have tax revenue, to pay for some things that don't make enough revenue to pay for themselves," said Johnsen. "We don't have enough to operate them without it."

Weddings and Quinceañeras brought in a most of the revenues that come in for VC Community Center (which includes the gazebo) and for Adams Park.

During his report, Johnsen noted that pool costs have gone down since the new pumps were installed.

The discussion of the budget was tabled until the July meeting to give Johnsen and Roxanne Carlson, district secretary, more time.

Said Johnsen, "We are working as hard as we can and if you don't think we are I don't know what to do."

There was one bit of good financial news. Johnsen reported that the district's hosting of vendors for Western Days netted the district $4,200.

"I was a lot of work and we needed a lot of help," said board Pres. Marcia Townsend, who spearheaded much of the organizing of the events that day. "We had a lot of help from the Stampede Rodeo people." She added, "We're ready to do it again!"

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