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Public yearns to know more about very private couple

The outpouring of grief by the community of Valley Center over the couple that many people saw walking hand in hand for over 30 years continued this week with this memorial that sprang up spontaneously near the spot where Carl & Eunice Ackermann died a week ago on Old Castle Road, victims of an alleged drunk driver. So far, The Roadrunner has not heard of any memorial services that will be held for the couple.
July 17, 2013
The residents of Valley Center have a thirst to find out more about the couple that they felt they came to know over the years that they saw them walking along Old Castle Road.

However, Carl & Eunice Ackermann, whose lives came to an end on July 7 due to an alleged drunk driver, were a very private couple who declined to be interviewed several years ago and about whom little is known, even from their close neighbors. For instance, we don't know their closest relatives.

We know a few things about the Ackermanns. Such as the fact that on many of the days when they walked along the road that they would carry trash bags with them and collect pieces of refuse along the way.

We also know that for several years at least Mr. Ackermann taught at Monte Vista Elementary in Vista. One of our readers, Benjamin Clark, told The Roadrunner: "He wasn't my home room teacher but I had him for reading and then I had him again in 5th grade for Sex Ed. One of my friends posted a picture of him with her class today I just saw. She is telling me some of her memories of him and she was saying how he would always look through everyone's lunches, which made the kids laugh. He would pretend to be mean but wasn't at all."

We would like to find other personal portraits of the Ackermanns such as the one above. If you would like to share them, email us at

The deaths of the Ackermanns provoked an outpouring of sadness and grief by the community and requests to know when the memorial would be held and how local residents could show their respect for the couple. So far no plans have been announced. Some have suggested having a memorial walk, which could be problematic since the road itself is obviously not the safest place to have such an event.

The Roadrunner has also been unable to discover the mortuary that is handling the arrangements. However if we learn of ANY such arrangements, including a memorial to be held by persons who simply want to honor the couple, we will publish that information.

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