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Crash on Palomar Mountain

July 31, 2013
At 6:41 a.m. July 24 the Palomar Mountain Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to a 911 emergency call reporting an overturned semi truck with a trapped driver on East Grade Road mile marker 6.2. Emergency responders found the heavy-duty tanker truck which was hauling spring water overturned on a downhill bend having crashed into a rock outcropping. Firefighters gained access to the tangled wreckage and found no driver, but a lot of blood in the truck indicated someone was injured. They search the surrounding area in an effort to locate a victim who might have been thrown out of the cab. Additionally, emergency responders coming up East Grade were looking for someone who might be injured and located the driver walking at the 5 mile marker. The driver was treated on-scene and transported to a local trauma center with non-life- threatening injuries.

The truck was leaking fuel oil from a ruptured saddle tank and spring water from the ruptured trailer tank, causing a hazardous material incident that was leaking onto Cleveland National Forest land. The San Diego County Hazardous Material Team responded along with the county Department of Public Works to mitigate the spill. The road was closed for three hours as heavy duty tow trucks righted the tanker and removed it.

The CHP is investigating the incident.

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    Crash on Palomar Mountain
    August 01, 2013 | 01:20 AM

    I've been driving the back country for over 17 years and find that the drivers of the water rigs are safe drivers and very friendly with others on the road. They have a almost perfect record for few accidents considering all the trips up and down the dangerous roads for many years. I so happy the driver will be okay.

    Andrew Buckley
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