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School district looks at first budget surplus in years

CCC group hints at lawsuit appeal

August 09, 2013
The Valley Center-Pauma Unified School District could face a budget that doesn't have to dip into reserves for the first time in several years. A new education budgeting system recently adopted in Sacramento means more than $1 million this year compared to last year.

School board trustees learned about the surplus at Thursday night's meeting.

Meanwhile, fresh from its lawsuit against the district being dismissed, Jon Vick of the CCC Interest Group attended Thursday's meeting and called on trustees to meet with his group to work out a compromise on the land where the old CCC barracks once stood.

Thursday, the school board voted to hire a contractor to due preliminary work that is required before putting together an environmental impact report on developing the site for three sports fields.

Vick hinted that the CCC Interest Group plans to appeal its loss at the lower court. "We remain ready to meet with you to discuss a win/win for the community and the district. We believe we will win on appeal, as laws have been broken and valuable historical assets of the community needlessly destroyed, but would rather settle this out of court."

The CCC group wants the district to allow the history museum to place a plaque on the property and leave the foundations of the destroyed buildings intact so replicas can be built, among other demands.

So far, the district has spent $50,000 on the lawsuit.

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