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Less than half of funds donated by tribe for VC Road safety will be spent on construction

August 21, 2013
Less than half of the funds donated by the San Pasqual band for safety projects on Valley Center Road will be spent on non-construction items, according to the County.

Under the terms of the agreement that the tribe made for providing mitigation for its recent expansion, $425,000 was allocated for road safety on VC Road. So far during this fiscal year, $355,000 has been spent.

The $355,000 breaks down as $180,000 total for construction with the remaining $175,000 to date spent on design, contracts, advertisement and bidding. The remaining $70,000 will be used for survey, construction inspection and project closeout, according to Michael Long, project manager for the County Department of Public Works.

That works out to be about 42 percent earmarked for actual construction.

Back in June, when the Mobility Subcommittee of the Valley Center Planning Group asked for a break down of the proposed expenditures, Long said in an email, "The project is fully designed, has gone out for advertisement, bids were opened and the preconstruction conference was held last week on Wednesday, June 19. Construction is anticipated to begin in the next two weeks. I have attached the plans for the pending improvements."

He added in the email, "It is anticipated that the design, construction and implementation may use the entire $425K for the safety improvements. Expenditures for FY 12-13 are approximately $355K including the $180K encumbrance for construction. Anticipated needs for survey, construction inspection, and project closeout this FY 13-14 (that begins today) are approximately $70K."

So far, 2 months later, construction has not yet begun on the project.

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