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Skate park moves one step closer to reality

Some of the regulars at Valley Center Skate Park strike a quick pose for the camera after an afternoon of skating. Pictured left to right are Tom "Big T" Turpen, Jax Murron, Kaitlyn "Skatlyn" Atwood, Daymien Hertenstein, and Gunner Hertenstein. Photos by Kim Harris
September 24, 2013
After spending hours on the road taking his children and their friends to skate parks, Mark Hertenstein realized that one of the best things he could do for the youth of Valley Center is ensure the town gets a skate park of its own.

So Hertenstein began the process of building a skate ramp with donated wood and donated labor near the ball fields located behind the Valley Center Parks and Recreation District headquarters. Since completing the project, both kids and adults alike can be found using the ramp on any given day, according to Hertenstein.

Gunner Hertenstein catches some air at the new skate park located behind the Valley Center Parks and Recreation District headquarters.
"I come out here some days and they'll be 30 kids using the ramp," he said. "To me that shows why there is a need for this here in Valley Center."

Larry Glavinic, a board member of the district, said in an email sent to the Valley Roadrunner that he agrees with Hertenstein's assessment of the need for a skate park.

"This offering will address a need for the non-team-based sports in VC and a place for the youth to meet others who share their interests," he said. "It will also provide a location where this high energy and skill can be displayed. The youth of our community are delighted to have a location."

Daymien Hertenstein launches off the deck of the ramp at the new skate park. His father, Mark, along with other members of the community are raising money to build a concrete skate ramp in Valley Center.
The skate park moved one step closer to completion when the Valley Center Parks and Recreation District Board of Directors approved Hertenstein's request for donation of the property at their monthly meeting held last week. Amendments to the request included the change from donation of the property to approved usage. The district is also requiring skaters to either join an association or create a nonprofit by the end of the year to cover their liability. Overall support for the new park meanwhile is strong.

"I think it's a great idea," said Tom Bumgardner, vice president for the district.

As with any new venture, capital is needed to improve on the plain wooden ramp built by Hertenstein so a fundraiser, featuring movie premieres, professional skateboarders, food and music will be held Oct. 12 at the park from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the fields.

Jax Murron shows off some slick moves at the new Valley Center Skate Park. A fundraiser will be held on Oct. 12 to raise money for a permanent structure giving Valley Center skateboarders a place to show off their skills without having to drive to skate parks outside the area.
"It's going to be great," Hertenstein said. "We have pro-skaters Neal Mims and Jake Brown, who is also an X-Games medalist, coming out to sign autographs."

The documentaries Mouse Grip and Signal Hill will also be shown at the event, north county bands Not For Hire, Young Wants, Bad Motor Posse and Sarah Promise will all perform. DJ Jake Brown will also be on hand for the event.

Hertenstein's two sons, Gunner and Daymien are excited to see a permanent skate park in Valley Center move one step closer to becoming a reality.

About 30 youth can be found at the Valley Center Skate Park on any given day according to Mark Hertenstein, founder of the newest attraction in town. Tom "Big T" Turpen shows off his skills while the other skaters watch.
"A skate park in Valley Center would be sick," said Daymien Hertenstein. "I could skate all day everyday with my bros."

Gunner Hertenstein echoed his brother's sentiments. "I'm gonna be happy, happy, happy when we build this skate spot. I can't wait!"

Mark Hertenstein said that the community support and involvement with the development of the skate park has been unbelievable but that more help is needed in the form of volunteers, money and sponsorships.

Tom "Big T" Turpen takes a quick look over his shoulder to ensure that his form is correct while riding his board at the Valley Center Skate Park.
"I want to thank everyone that came out the past weeks in support of the skate spot, at meetings and with labor, especially Carlos Gonzales, Todd Gibbs, Ryan Moran, Fat IVORS, Tom Turpen, Kris Kidwell, Gordon Clark, Mike Denise Trucking, Brian Robere of Robere Carpet Care, Chaz Rhimehart and biggest thanks to Paul Grover Cleveland, Ballistic TV for the donation of all the wood for the ramp, and to everyone else that stopped by and lent a hand to the sponsors we currently have," he said. "We still have a long way to go and need all the help we can get and please come out on Oct. 12 and support the Valley Center Sk8 spot."

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