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Valley Center Community Planning Group, Nov. 18 meeting agenda

November 15, 2013

Valley Center Community Planning Group

PO Box 127 Valley Center CA 92082Notice of Regular Meeting; Agenda November 18, 2013 at 7:00 pm Valley Center Community Hall, 28246 Lilac Road, Valley Center, CA 92082


Roll Call


Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of Minutes for the Meeting of October 21, 2013


Public Communication/Open Forum

Members of the public may address the Planning Group on any topic not on the agenda. There is a three-minute time limit per speaker unless otherwise negotiated with the Chair. Planning Group cannot discuss or vote on topic but may place the item on a future agenda. Speakers are encouraged to complete a Request to Speak form prior to the start of the meeting.


E. Action items (VCCPG advisory vote may be taken on the following items).

The agenda is available to members prior to regular meetings through email distribution and is also available for public review at the same time at the Valley Center Community Hall. Hardcopy documents for public review will also be made available at the regular meetings.

1) Discussion and possible vote on PSD2013-AD-12-039 Nelson Agriculture/Storage Building; project address 9755 Megan Terrace, Escondido at Mountain Ridge Road owner and contact person: Gary Nelson at gnelson@glnelson.com or 760-751-1980. Oversized Accessory Structure. (Vick).

2) Discussion and possible vote on PDS2013-MUP-81-098W1; Valley Center Church Modification; located at 14919 Fruitvale Road; owner is Southeastern CA. Conference of Seventh-day Adventist at 951-509-2200;; Applicant and contact person is Doug Munson @ 760-390-7727 or drmunson@cox.net . The proposed project consists of the addition of a 40 x 90 Fellowship Hall, the addition of a steeple, the addition of a monument sign, the remodel of the existing fellowship Hall into classrooms, the removal of the existing kitchen in favor of a hallway and

the removal of a portion of existing leach lines and replacement in a new location. (Bob Franck)

3) Updatee on Weston Town Center; PDS2010-3992-10-014; Project Address is Cole Grade Road and Valley Center Road; APN is 188-230-01; contact person is James Chagala 10324 Meadow Glen Way East; Escondido, CA. The project description is based on the 2010 project and may change depending on the applicant's needs. If it changes, a new project description will be prepared by PSD. The project is a potential GPA, Specific Plan area for a mixed use town center. Approximately 83 acres of the Weston Town Center would be used for residential development at an average density of 7.10 dwelling units per acre. 529 residential units are planned and 10@ are proposed as duplex residences while 476 would be ingle family. About 17 acres of open space, park and/or trail areas are proposed. Main access to the commercial portion would be from Indian Creek Road off Valley Center Road. The project may be served by a sewage recycling plant proposed by Valley View Properties and operated by VCMWD. (Quinley)

4) Informational item on the proposed construction, operation and maintenance of a photovoltaic (PV) solar facility on land owned by SDG&E on land owned by SDG&E next to the existing substation at 29560 Valley Center Road. Facilities will allow for the long-term generation

of clean energy from solar power connected to the local electrical distribution grid. Overall production capacity is expected to be enough to serve 500 households. (Smith)

5) Solar Project,; PDS2013-MUP-13-019, PDS2013-ER-13-02-002, NLP Valley Center Solar, a 79 acre solar project located at 29471 Cole Grade Road and Via Valencia, Contact person is Steve Joslin at SJoslin@nothpowerlight.com or 949 642-3824. Project proposes the development and operation of a solar farm. The solar facilities will be installed on a portion of the 77 acre project site to achieve 7 megawatt output. The solar panels are to be mounted on a collection of single axis tracking systems support by machine-driven metal "I" beam pilings. Elevations and details are now available.(Smith)

6) Motions, discussions and possible votes on topics from the Mobility sub-committee concerning 1) pavement failures on Lilac/Old Castle are a safety problem; 2) Severe congestion at the bottom of the grade going into Escondido creates the need to meet with the Escondido City Council to find a solution 3) fencing by private property owners block sections of Stardust which is a fire evacuation route—the VCCPG should contact Code Enforcement to reopen the road; 4) Valley Center Road speed feedback indicators are too small to be effective and should be replaced and the TAC should extend the 45 MPH speed limit for another 2 years until effective spped calming elements have time to become effective; 5) the speed limit on Vesper between MacTan and Sunset should be established at 35 MPH and the Vesper/Sunset intersection should be a 4 way stop.( Davis).:

F. Group Business

1) Announcements and Correspondence Received

2) Discussion and vote on recommending the appointment of Jeana Boulos by the Board of Supervisors to the

Valley Center Community Planning Group (Britsch)

3) Introduction of candidates for two open seats on the VCCPGP (Brisch)

4) Discussion and vote on changes in VCCPG's standing rules to allow meetings on public holidays.. (Rudolf)

5) Meeting Updates: Next VCCPG Meeting: December 9. 2013

G. Adjournment

Subcommittees of the VCCPG

a. Mobility – (Bob Davis, Chair).

b. Community Plan Update -- (Richard Rudolf, Chair).

c. Nominations – (Hans Britsch, Chair)

d. Northern Village – (Ann Quinley, Chair)

e. Parks & Rec. – (LaVonne Norwood-Johnson)

f. Southern Village - (Jon Vick, Chair)

g. Tribal Liaison – (Larry Glavinic, Chair)

h. Website – (Bret Davis, Chair)

i. Equine Ordinance (Oliver Smith, Chair)

j. Lilac Hills Ranch (Accretive) (Steve Hutchison, Chair)

Correspondence Received for the September meeting

a. Traffic Advisory Committee to VCCPG; Agenda for November 1, 2013 meeting of the Traffic Advisory Committee. The meeting will begin at 9:00 on the Department of Public Works, Rooms 271 at 5510 Overland Avenue in San Diego. No items involving Valley Center Roads will be discussed.

b. DPDS to VCCPG, County of San Diego—Valley Center Design Review Checklist which describes Site Design goals for areas of Valley Center and sets Architectural Design Goals, Landscape Design Goals, Signage Standards and Lighting Design Goals.-


Oliver Smith, Chair, oliver.smith@philips.com

Ann Quinley, Vice Chair, annquinley@gmail.com

Steve Hutchison, Secretary, hutchisonsm@gmail.com

Hans Britsch, thomas@westerncactus.com

Robert Davis, bob@bobdavisrealty.com

Bob Franck, Franckfort@yahoo.com

Larry Glavinic, larryglavinic@gmail.com

Mark Jackson, jacksonmark92026@gmail.com

Eric Laventure, mxinmotion@gmail.com

LaVonne Norwood, lavonne@armorfabrication.com

Rich Rudolf, richrudolf@sbcglobal.net

Jon Vick, JonVick2@aol.com

(Three Openings)

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