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New Year brings new commander to Valley Center Sheriff's Substation

Lt. Dan Brislin is assuming the role as the Valley Center Sheriff Substation commander from Lt. Kelly Martinez who has been assigned to the Integrated Narcotics Taskforce in San Diego. Michal Crane / Valley Roadrunner
January 15, 2014
There's a new sheriff in town, and for once that's not just a figure of speech. Lt. Dan Brislin, a 16-year-veteran of the San Diego Sheriff's Department, will relieve Lt. Kelly Martinez as commander of the Valley Center Substation of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department. Brislin, who transferred to Valley Center on Dec. 27, will oversee all operations at the substation.

"I'm really excited to be here," said Brislin. "I already have an appreciation for the rich culture and history in Valley Center."

Brislin grew up in San Diego and received his master's degree in public administration from the University of California, San Diego. He has a diverse background coming to Valley Center, including training others at the Sheriff's Academy and conducting countless patrols and investigations over his career.

Before his transfer, Brislin was stationed in Encinitas for about a year and a half, where he was in charge of the investigations unit, cop unit, and operations unit.

Brislin's predecessor, Lt. Kelly Martinez, was substation commander in Valley Center for a little more than 13 months. She has been transferred to the Integrated Narcotics Taskforce in San Diego, where she will be coordinating operations with the DEA, San Diego Police Department, and San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

"I'm happy about it. It's a little bittersweet though. I really enjoyed Valley Center," said Martinez. "I think the community is really warm and supportive of the sheriff's department."

Martinez also praised the staff at the Valley Center Substation, saying "it's just a great place to work."

Brislin echoed her praise of the Valley Center Sheriffs, as well as underlining his commitment to following Martinez's lead in the position.

"Lt. Martinez has done a great job strengthening the relationship with the business and community," said Brislin. "I really want to employ the help of our community."

One of the ways he plans do that is by starting a Community Advisory Group, which will be a public meeting roughly every month to gather input from business owners and other concerned individuals. The group first met on Jan. 8, and there should be another meeting scheduled soon.

Brislin doesn't have any major plans to change the way business is done at the substation but he's still learning the ropes. Overall he's enthusiastic about the opportunity and eager to get started.

"My door is always open to any suggestions," said Brislin.

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