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Planning Group hashes out priorities for South Village

Daniel Wery from RBF Consulting speaks to the importance of forming a code to guide development in the South Village. photo by Michael Crane / Valley Roadrunner.
January 31, 2014
The Valley Center Community Planning Group met for a special meeting on Jan. 22 to articulate their vision for development in the South Village.

Although there are some general parameters currently in place to guide development, the Planning Group is working with RBF Consulting to create a form-based code, or skeleton outline of how future development will proceed.

"This is very much a pro-growth, pro-development process," said Daniel Wery, senior project manager for RBF Consulting, who acted as facilitator at the meeting. "The idea is to make it clear what you want, and to really expedite and streamline this process."

One of the main goals Wery touched on was to "create more of a unified street frontage," so that parking, sidewalks, and businesses along Valley Center Road might offer "a result that's even greater than the sum of the parts."

The South Village covers roughly the area along Valley Center Road between Woods Valley and Lilac roads. With a combination of residential, agricultural, commercial, and mixed-use parcels awaiting development, this is a crucial time for defining the future of Valley Center's main street.

A quote from the 2011 draft community plan sheds some light on the Planning Group's specific priorities:

"Transform the South Village from a corridor dominated by automobiles into an attractive, pedestrian-friendly location for shops, small eateries, and professional offices.

"Parking will be located to the rear and side of buildings. Building extensions will be brought closer to the roadway to create a more traditional street edge.

"Over time, this design approach, combines with street tree planting and sign replacement, will help transform the South Village from a "corridor" to a "true village."

This will be an ongoing process over the next few months, with a multi-day workshop to be scheduled for March or April. Much of this process has already been accomplished for the North Village, and the form-based code of the two villages will be developed separately.

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