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Art Show to feature local artist

February 13, 2014
Charles Adams is no stranger to new ventures, when he was just 18 he left home and embarked on what turned into a 31 year career in the U.S. Navy. Upon his retirement in 1988 he began a second career, and now at the young age of 80 he is focusing on what he refers to as his gift, beginning his career in the art world. "My background is I am a retired naval officer," Adams said. "I have a background in Mechanical engineering. I had just turned 18 and joined as enlisted in San Francisco." Adams, whose primary medium is ink art, later received an endorsement attending War College and graduating with a degree in engineering.

"I came out as a commissioned officer so then I went on and did my 31 years in the Navy," he said. "Then when I got out of the Navy in 88, I decided it was time to get my life together. I got a job and now I am 80 years old and will be 81 in September and here I am venturing out into a whole new thing." Adams, who comes from a long line of artists, his father, grandfather and great grandfather all worked in the field, actually began his career four years ago at the age of 76. "It's a hidden talent I was born with, a gift," he said noting his son is also an artist. "Four years ago I went ahead and started my artwork at Morro Bay and they were kind enough to let me join the association.

Adams presented his work at Morro Bay for two and a half years until his children who live in the Escondido and San Diego areas asked him and his wife to move closer to them. Since moving to the area almost a year ago he has shown his work at the Farmers Market at Welk Resort on Mondays. It was there that Pointed Roof Deli owners Debra and Rob Robinson discovered the budding artist.

"We really liked his work," Debra said. "We thought it lent itself well to our style here, our décor and really just to Valley Center. It had a very country feel to it." The Robinsons approached Adams about displaying his art in their popular deli and the idea of an art show was born.

"They were going through the farmers market and they saw my artwork," Adams said. "They stopped and my God they just loved it. They just went crazy over it and asked if I would be interested in putting some of my artwork in their café."

After a meeting at the deli, the threesome came up with the idea for the Valentine's weekend art show. "He lives right here and we support that completely," Debra said. "We talked with him for a while and then he came to meet with us here at the deli and we just decided to put together a one man art show and give him the opportunity to expose his artwork to our customers here at the deli and people in the area."

Because most visitors to Welk Resort's Farmers market are from out of town, hosting the art show gives the Robinsons the opportunity to help Adams gain exposure to those who live in Valley Center and the surrounding areas.

"It's a different audience for him," said Debra. "We are happy to give him the opportunity to do that." The art show will be held this Friday and Saturday, Feb. 14 and 15 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Pointed Roof Deli, located at 8751 Old Castle Rd Escondido, less than a quarter of a mile from the intersection of Champagne Boulevard and Old Castle Road.

In addition to the show, the deli will give every customer who purchases a sandwich a Valentine's cupcake and will offer samples for tasting so visitors should be sure to bring their sweetheart with them to the show, Debra said. The retired Navy Commander said focusing on his artwork helps to keep him young. "It's interesting because I am a very agile, vigorous 80-year-old guy who likes to get out and do things, it helps me."

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