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Skate park rolling along

Daymein Hertenstein gets some air over the newly-poured skate bowl at the Valley Center Skate Park.
February 21, 2014
Concrete pouring of the skate bowl has begun at the Valley Center Skate Park, a major step forward in the construction of a permanent facility for Valley Center skaters to enjoy. With the neighboring wooden ramp still in place, the capacity of the park, located behind the VC Little League fields, is quickly growing.

"It's an easy park to host ten kids, maybe 15," said Mark Hertenstein, president of the Skate Park Board and driving force behind the project. "I would say the park is a little more than a quarter done," said Hertenstein.

Thanks to generous donations from community businesses, concrete pouring of the bowl began about four weeks ago and a section of it is now complete. The deepest the bowl goes is four feet, and it is unique in that trees and rocks have been incorporated into the design, rather than removed entirely.

"We want to keep a Valley Center feel to it," said Hertenstein. The wooden ramp will likely soon be removed entirely to make room for a more permanent facility.

To date, Hertenstein estimates at least $9,000 has been raised to build the skate park thanks to the fundraiser held back in October, a raffle at Fat Ivor's, t-shirt sales, and various other donations. However, that is still short of the $25,000 Hertenstein estimates it will take to finish construction.

He is already planning another fundraiser for the coming months, possibly to be held during the mid-season Little League break.

Although there have been a few sprained ankles and a fractured wrist at the skate park, Hertenstein has no injuries to report thus far that have required an ambulance. There is also a sign posted at the park advising kids of the rule to wear a helmet.

In the last few months, the skaters have formed a board and purchased a $1 million insurance policy. Hertenstein is grateful to all the businesses who have been generous enough to donate resources and time to get the process this far.

"This is a park for Valley Center built by Valley Center," he said.

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