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Skate park re-opens, bike park plans approved

Mark Hertenstein, president of the Skate Park board, assured the VCPRD board that vandalism and other undesirable elements would become a thing of the past at the Valley Center Skate Park.
April 30, 2014
The gates to the Valley Center Skate Park were re-opened on April 23 after a month-long closure. The announcement by the Valley Center Parks and Recreation District board was greeted by applause from the packed room of skaters, parents, and community members.

The park was closed last month after the board decided it was unsafe for use while under construction. Phase one of the park's construction is now complete and skaters are back enjoying their brand new skate bowl.

Although there was little opposition at the special meeting on April 23, Steve Mayfield, vice president of field operations for Valley Center Little League, spoke in favor of permanently closing the park at the regular VCPRD board on April 16. Members of the skate park board remained vocal that the vandalism of recent months will become less of an issue after the park is re-opened and established in the community.

"Once it's done, I guarantee you everything's going to way slow down," said Mark Hertenstein, president of the Skate Park board. "This is just something that goes along with stuff that's new."

Zack Smith, vice president, added that once the hype factor of the new skate park dies down, the park will be mainly used by a group of local skaters who have a vested interest in the park's future.

The VCPRD board unanimously agreed to re-open the park with the conditions that the skaters maintain their fencing, continue to provide adequate insurance, remove trash at the site, and eventually pay a yearly fee to the district once construction is entirely finished. Construction on phase two of the park will not begin for several months, during which time the skaters hope to host more fundraisers.

Also at the special meeting on April 23, the board authorized construction of a bike park in the vacant lot next to Cole Grade Park. The park will iv iking Association are partnering to construct the park at no cost to the district. It is estimated to be completed in approximately eight weeks.

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