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The Valley Center Posse is back in town

May 14, 2014
There is a rough and tumble group rolling into town on Western Days Weekend. It's a group of miscreants and reprobates that saunters into town once a year at this special time, The Valley Center Posse has been terrorizing and entertaining the citizens of this fine town for at least the last 40 years.

"Calico" Craig Ames has been a senior member of this band of outlaws, floozies, and marshalls since he joined in 1984 when the late Milo Thomas was the High Sherriff. He shares that the group was started out of a desire to recreate the 1800s and educate the youth of Valley Center about the heritage of this town. According to him, the Posse does it just for the fun of it. He also said that the actual story is not known, and likely never will be as there are no formal records and all the original members have "gone into that final sunset."

Some other facts about the Posse:

• They must follow the same rules and regulations as any owner with firearms and live ammunition.

• Safety is always at the forefront of their agenda.

• They recycle and reuse all cartridges that are expended with each shoot out.

• They go through approximately 60+ rounds at a cost of between $2,500 and $3,500 each year.

• The breakable bottles they use are $25 each, and the breakable windows are $350 a piece.

• It is a labor of love for these folks, as all efforts are volunteered.

• They start planning in October or November for the upcoming year.

• They never allow themselves to bring their weapons in if they are going to be drinking, not in the Beer Garden and certainly never in a restaurant. All firearms must be secured in the person's vehicle.

• They use the funds raised from the popular "Jail and Bail" to help those who need it, such as 4-H, Boys and Girls Club, the Homesteaders, etc. They, in essence, are a service organization without being a service organization.

• They are neither 501c nor politically affiliated.

• Their insurance is now covered by the Re-enactors Guild, of which anyone toting a firearm of any sort must be a member.

If you would like to see this exciting and engaging group this year, you can see them at the following locations and times:

May 17 at 6:30 p.m.: Smokey's Lake Wohlford Café

May 22 starting at 5 p.m.:

Shain Fitness

Valley Center Foods

Joe's Feed

Lilac Foods

Casa Reveles

May 23 starting at 5 p.m.:

Town Center Market

Pala Gas

Armstrong Feed

Country Junction Deli


Fat Ivors

Cal Bank & Trust at 5:50pm

May 24:

Find these reprobates and miscreants at the intersection of Valley Center Road and Cole Grade at 9:30 a.m. for the the start of the parade route.

If people would like to help out with getting the Posse ready for next year's shenanigan by either donating funds or being a part of the debauchery, please contact either "Calico" Craig Ames at (760) 457-5223 or Mike "Shady" Shain at (760) 979-1348.

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