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Scholarships given to many local students

May 28, 2014
The Marv Borden Memorial Farmers Pauma Scholarship program continues to reach more needy students and offer more funding as the program completes its seventh year. The purpose of the ongoing effort is to aid the educational pursuits of all being honored.

The private funding group, all past or present members of Pauma Valley Country Club, has awarded scholarships to 40 recipients this year. All were feted at a country club luncheon May 23 and a family member accompanied all.

The total of the scholarships this year amounted to $49,750, according to treasurer Charles Mathews. This represents a 15 percent increase from a year ago. It also is more than double the figure when the group first was launched in 2008 under Dr. Bryant Pickering.

''The persistence of Dr. Pickering in raising money from many generous donors, all PVCC members, is what turned the scholarship program from an idea into a reality,'' said Mr. Mathews.

The program was renamed last year to include Marv Borden in the title. He passed away in November of 2011. He was an original donor and long-time member of the country club.

The priority of the program in the beginning was and still is to PVCC staff and service providers, ex-staff, ex-service providers, and their families. For others, assessment is a combination of family financial ability as assessed by the Federal Government and cost of the proposed education plan.

The awards range from $500 to $2,000 and recipients can apply annually through the length of their college years. According to Mr. Mathews, 101 individuals have been awarded scholarships since the first year. One individual has been awarded for six years; five for five years; eight for four years; 15 for three years; 17 for two years; and 55 for one year.

This year 14 recipients are or will attend Cal State San Marcos; four are or will be attending UC Santa Barbara. Overall, 16 different schools are represented and two of the winners are assistant golf professionals who are pursuing advancement in the PGA.

Of the total honored, there are 21 who list Valley Center addresses and another seven from Pauma Valley. Some already in college list their school addresses.

The group has a long-standing association with Valley Center High School, according to Mathews. Seventeen graduating seniors received their first award this year. Many graduates have or will continue to receive second, third, and fourth year awards, according to Mathews.

The following received scholarships this year:

Derikie Blaze-Logan; Edwin Camacho; Alexander Caratti; Bayley Coberly; Bree DeBell; Katherine Dufour; Faith Gambrall; Austin and Jeremy Halligan; Sierra Hegle; Maribel and Miguel Hernandez-Cuevas; Nathan Hochstetler; Levente Imbuson; Magdalena Juan; Daisy Lopez; Gavin and Morgan Marcon; Luke Marshall; Melinda Much; Timothy Olson; Saul Oros; Joseph Patronik III; Roxana Pedroza-Armas, Sarai and Fernando Ramirez; Patricia Richardson, Ismael and Genaro Rodriguez; Jamie Rudolph; Hudson Sherr; Autumn Shultz; William Smith; Julia Stone; Sierra Swartz; Renee Terbush; David Trok; Taylor West; Andrew Wolf; Xiaodan Xu.

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