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VCMWD Board evaluates water main pipeline

August 27, 2014
At the Valley Center Municipal Water District Board meeting on Aug. 18, recommendations were provided for the project resulting from the 42-inch transmission main rupture on Memorial Day of this year.

The 42-inch diameter pipeline, which is the District's largest transmission main, was installed in the mid-1970s. The pipeline break resulted in the loss of two million gallons of water, $140,000 in repair costs, and five days of reduced service quality for 1,200 accounts.

Due to the age of the pipe and the critical nature of the facility, MWD staff decided to comprehensively evaluate the physical status of the pipeline. Recently, the San Diego County Water Authority has utilized an in-pipe electromagnetic sensing device to measure the strength of the steel in the pipe. Areas weakened by corrosion are identified and then repaired by an internal relining of pipe section replacement.

District staff recommended making water system improvements to enhance the District's ability to continue providing adequate levels of service while the 42-inch transmission main is out of service for evaluation and possible repair. Once the system improvements are made, the line can be taken out of service for electromagnetic evaluation. The third phase of the process is making reinforcement repairs, if any exist.

Electromagnetic evaluation is projected to cost $550,000 and system enhancements are estimated to cost $650,000. After the evaluation, estimates of needed repairs will be provided.

The Board authorized staff to hire a consultant familiar with these types of evaluations. It was recommended that the issue be discussed in a future meeting to obtain a more detailed review of the process and project budget for final approval. If approved by the Board, the project is expected to span three years. The system enhancements will take place in the current 2014 Fiscal Year, pipe evaluation in FY 2015-16, and any needed repairs in FY 2016-17.

During the meeting, there was a request for concept approval for water and wastewater service to the 71 lot of the Butterfield Trails Subdivision located on Sunday Drive off Valley Center Road south of Lilac Road.

Staff explained that under the Level 2 Water Supply Shortage Alert condition, developments larger than four lots have to demonstrate they will not have a net increase in water demand.

The Butterfield Trails Subdivision will use a combination of reclaimed water and ground water for landscape irrigation. Internal water use will be recycled through the nearby Woods Valley Ranch Wastewater Reclamation Facility, soon to be expanded. Recycled water from this facility will be used for golf course irrigation on the Woods Valley Ranch Golf Course. Provisions are being made to ultimately use reclaimed water on common areas in the Butterfield Trails Development.

Also during the meeting, there was discussion about opposition expressed for the Fallbrook PUD-Rainbow MWD proposed merger.

After the disassociation of the Rainbow MWD from the Joint Powers Agreement with Fallbrook Public Utility District earlier this year, FPUD filed a petition with the San Diego Local Agency Formation Commission to dissolve RMWD and merge its service area into FPUD. VCMWD received correspondence from the RMWD Board President asking VCMWD to oppose the petition. Staff did not have the opportunity to verify the document from RMWD, which included assertions concerning the operational, financial, and representational aspects of the merger. Staff conceded it would be unusual for VCMWD to enter into a dispute between two neighboring water districts, both of which VCMWD has shared close working relationships.

VCMWD Board authorized the Board President to respond to the RMWD request in writing expressing the perspective it may be best to allow the LAFCO process to unfold. It was advised that if the issues of local representation and control are important to Rainbow residents, landowners, and rate payers, they will have the opportunity to participate, arrange a protest, and with the favorable outcome of an election, stop the process.

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