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The ridiculousness of sequestration

July 25, 2013
We all know that the evil Republicans are supposed to be responsible for the damages that sequestration has wrought on the Republic.

First, it was responsible for keeping little children from being able to visit the White House because the Secret Service's budget was cut and so the burly agents couldn't guarantee the safety of members of the public visiting the "People's House."

Now, we learn that Sequestration is responsible for getting rid of dozens of military air shows all over the country, including the Miramar Air Show in the fall. There will be a show, but it will consist of mainly civilian aircraft. Isn't it funny how the things that any kind of government, whether federal, state or local, cuts are always things that are popular with the public?

What a BIG joke!

Sequestration is not cutting any department's budget. Not really. At its worst it is returning the federal budget to 2009 levels, which was actually a year of very high spending.

So, when President Obama and the rest of the liberals in Congress howl about how "real people" are being affected by the sequester cuts, what they are actually saying is that the federal government cannot survive if it's spending is cut even by a percentage point or two.

You and I have had to deal with cuts to our salaries, or cuts imposed by having new expenditures that forced us to budget ourselves leaner, and we have always dealt with it. The federal government—not so much.

If it is IMPOSSIBLE to cut the federal budget even a tiny amount, then we are in dire straits indeed.

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    July 26, 2013 | 05:40 AM

    I have been a federal employee for ten years. When sequestration is described as painful and real people are affected, it is because of how the small percentage of the budget is slashed. You may claim that sequestration only limits the growth on the budget, but you need to keep in mind that the government currently runs at a projected level of funding. Suddenly saying no to that projection means the way things are going cannot be maintained. I understand the cuts are a small percentage, but the pain is felt in how that small percentage is found. Rather than cancel a multi-billion dollar weapons project, real people like myself see pay reductions. You say that private sector civilians have had to budget yourselves leaner as if you feel no pain for us. Lets be clear about one thing. DOD civilian workers have not had a cost of living increase for years. Our salaries have stayed the same despite gas going up, groceries getting more expensive, and additions to our families. We have overseas missions and work along side the military in hostile countries. We tightened our belts to maintain at our current salaries, now we have pay cuts. Yes I hear people say they are temporary, you should have a savings cushion. I do have a savings cushion, it will get me through this temporary pay reduction. But that will last through this round. Next round will be deeper as projections state layoffs. Let me tell you what alot of us will experience. People with more seniority will bump us to a lower pay grade. Then our position may be moved, possibly so far that we need to move our residence. So my savings will be burned up this year, next year I face a permanent reduction in pay, and the possibility of either being laid off or having to relocate to keep my job. I agree, it is a blessing to have a job at all, but by the time sequestration is over, I will be much farther down the ladder than I have already climbed and I am not sure of how manageable my situation will be.

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    July 26, 2013 | 02:35 PM

    This act by obama is typical of small children who want to get even for others not agreeing to their terms. (If I can't pitch, you can not use my ball). Just that Childish.

    Robert L. Mead
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    July 29, 2013 | 08:25 AM

    the first thing the federal government should cut off is all of the welfare states. there is no reason for socially and politically conservative pull yourself up by your boot straps states should get back more money from the federal government than what they contribute; especially after they lure california companies out of the state with tax free incentives. Californians work hard, the last thing we need to support are a bunch of lazy former slave states who saddle up to our table, gorge themselves and then call us faggots. the least they could do is be gratefull and say thank you. but in the mean time we'll have to settle for sequestration.

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