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How much will common core cost California?

August 01, 2013
Common Core is a set of national K-12 standards that focus on English Language Arts and Math. CCSS was developed in 2008 by two Washington D.C. trade based organizations. The National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief of State School Officers (CCSSO) with the help of a progressive non-profit organization Achieve Inc. to develop the standards.

According to a Fordhams study, the net cost to California is $148 million. However, the DOE projects the cost to be 1.36 to 1.56 BILLION to replace the existing state standards with the CCSS. This includes new text books, instructional materials, teacher training and sufficiently enhancing technology infrastructure to implement the CCSS online assessments for all students. Does VCPUSD need to increase their bandwidth? How old are the computers/I-Pads the students are using? How many old computers need replacing before CCSS online testing starts?

The cost to California to educate their teachers on CCSS will be $2000 per teacher before students are held accountable for meeting the standards. Total cost for California $606 million.

Purchasing new textbooks is always costly. So for California buying into the CCSS texts and teaching materials will be 483 million. Along with the text books are the computer/I-Pad technology infrastructure, training and support costs. A one time up front cost for the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium will be 1,023 million.

In order to be able to achieve CCSS the VCPUSD will need at least a 4:1 ratio of computers to students for online testing. The national average is 7.5:1. Additional computers will need to be purchased, hardware and software installed. More bandwidth, server machines and technical support will add up fast.

California has the largest student population of the states that have implemented CCSS. Since 2007/2008 school year the California budget for K-12 education has declined 10%. How will VCPUSD pay for implementing Common Core State Standards?

A free public forum on the new Common Core Standards will be presented on Aug. 19, 6 p.m. at VC Community Hall. An in depth view and explanation of Common Core and the Global Citizen will be presented addressing questions on what the global education standard means for our students. For more information on this free public forum, contact Joanne Tolman of the Valley Center Republican Women Federated at 760-751-1781.

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