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Obama's Syria speech

September 01, 2013
Anyone who is on the fence about whether God exists ought to take a good look at what is going on in this world.

Today President Barack Obama held a press conference at which he said he wanted to execute military retaliation against Syria for its recent use of chemical weapons against its own citizens. Flanking the President was a very angry looking Vice President, Joe Biden.

The scene was surreal. Think about it. Barack Obama said, "If we won't enforce accountability in the face of this heinous act, what does it say about our resolve to stand up to others who flout fundamental international rules?"

Where was that kind of brash rhetoric on September 12th of 2012 (and the ensuing weeks) after a rebel Libyan mob stormed the US Embassy in Benghazi and killed six Americans, including the United States Ambassador?

What is the difference? Is it the Muslim factor or is it the chemical weapons factor? Barack Obama doesn't seem to have a problem launching drone missiles at American citizens like Anwar al-Awlaki, but by some stretch of insanity he draws the line in Syria?

As a Christian, I am not buying it. Barack Obama is Satan's dummy. He is insane. Nobody could guess from one minute to the next what the devil's puppet is going to do. He doesn't even know himself. All he knows is he is supposed to do something.

World leaders make mincemeat out of the clueless President because he knows nothing of international relations and politics. He is nothing but a wannabe pot head. He doesn't know God, and he has no backbone. Wisdom and understanding come from God.

After he threatened military action against the Syrian government last week the news media did everything in their power, short of surgery, to extract Obama's foot from his mouth, and Saturday he just reinserted it. From now on this is the kind of leadership we can expect from the Democrat party, and the liberal press.

When the United States President, the world's most powerful man, is concurrently the least experienced, un-intelligent man on the planet, it is confirmation that God is real. The fact that there is still peace on this earth (to some degree) tells us that God is still in control.

Raymond Saenz

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