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THE FORUM: Are Americans war weary or war wise?

September 10, 2013
The Valley Roadrunner has introduced a new column dedicated to your opinions on the topics that affect us all. Our nation is facing trying times, making it all the more important that we maintain an open dialogue within the community. We hope you will send in your views on the key topic of the week.

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Last week's topic:

Last week we learned that President Assad of Syria has allegedly used chemical weapons against his own people in clear violation of international agreements prohibiting the use of such weapons of mass destruction. President Obama has proposed military action, but a majority of Americans still oppose military involvement. Are Americans war weary or war wise?

Editor's note: Valley Roadrunner reporter Ray Flores opined on President Obama's Sept. 10 speech on possible U.S. miliary action here.

The fighting in Syria is a brutal civil war with no real "good guys" on either side. Most often, America and allied nations have remained silent while violent civil unrest has occurred in other countries. Suddenly, the manner of death (poison gas) has once again become the provocative factor for taking action, not the egregious killing of thousands of people with bullets, machetes, hanging or beheading. There are many evil people in this world and there will always be civil wars of varying degrees. However, there are times when our intervention is not always "the right thing to do" and I think this is one of those times.

— Richard Moker

Dear Editor,

The United States of America has no dog in the Syrian civil war. It's still not too late to learn from our failures in Iraq and Afghanistan. We will very quickly become the bad guy if we attack Syria.

We've been lied to by the government and the media over this entire affair. John Kerry is a very poor actor, an even worse liar and a sorry excuse for a secretary of state. I didn't think he could do a worse job than his predecessor, but was I wrong.

Without troops on the ground to search for, find and secure all of the WMDs in Assads arsenal you can bet your life that the rebels (mostly made up of Al Qaeda and Hesbollah operatives) will find and utilize these terrible weapons. Are we ready to send ground troops into Syria? Think about it!

We have no business entering another Mid East conflict, hell we run out of money next month!

— Hunter D. Baskins

The United Nations is the organization to place this problem before.

— Sam Mankins

This upcoming week's topic:

Valley Center is in for many changes in the next few years. With new commercial developments on Valley Center and Lilac Roads, the sewer expansion project, and the Lilac Hills Accretive project, our town may be getting bigger very soon. Do you think the changes will be for the better or the worse?

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