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My opinion on opinions

Kim Harris
October 27, 2013
During a recent Valley Center-Pauma Unified School District board meeting, both proponents and opponents spoke about the new Common Core curriculum which is currently being transitioned into our local schools.

It appears that comments for and against the standards were well-thought out and appeared to be thoroughly researched prior to the meeting, resulting in an informative forum on people's opinions and concerns regarding the program.

As Valley Center continues to grow and evolve, it is important that residents gather as much information as possible before forming an opinion on the changes that we are faced with. In addition to Common Core, other important issues to research before forming an opinion could include the sale of the Woods Valley Golf Course, construction of the San Pasqual Village Shopping Center and the proposed solar farms, just to name a few.

The ability to form and articulate opinions is extremely important in all facets of life. People need to form opinions on political issues and leaders need to vote responsibly. We must form opinions about social issues, and we must form opinions about the people we work with and interact with every day.

But just having an opinion is no longer enough in this day and age where everything is available to us with just the click of a mouse. We want to share our opinions and convince others to change their views on issues, and in order to do that effectively we should be educated about the topic of discussion. Presenting an informed, educated opinion is much more effective than sharing one based on emotion or personal experience alone.

Sometimes researching a topic is a lot like newspaper reporting. You want to look at the who, what, where, when and why, but you should also research how those issues could affect your local community and your family.

Some tips when doing research on a topic include contacting all the interested parties in the issue, what are their thoughts and where have they received information from. Look at how other areas in the country have been affected by similar changes. Go to meetings and listen to presentations regarding the issue. Reviewing all documentation and even online research using reputable websites can be helpful when analyzing information to form an opinion.

No matter how you chose to research, remember, an informed opinion is always the best opinion.

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