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Molly's Column, Nov. 7

November 07, 2013
Hi this is Molly! How are you all? I am doing just fine. Well today we are going to do a quick and special first paragraph …

I just want to say thank you to all my softball coaches, coach Kathy, coach Jearl, coach Ryan, coach Dan, coach Cheryl and my mom. Thank you for always supporting me and all the other players. Also thank you so much for really helping me get my pitching up to speed and accurate. Thank you to all my teammates (Akemi, Ali, Faith, Jenna, Jordan, Katy, Kendall, Lauren, Lea, Taylor and Zoey) for really helping me feel welcome in Escondido and thank you for the best softball season of all time.

In class we have been studying the body system in science. I know what you're all thinking ... EWW. But it is really cool because we get to learn the differences among human cells, plant cells and animal cells. We even got to take a look at my teacher's cheek cells. When we went to the college last week, we got to see plant cells too. We have also been working on long division with decimals. It is a little tricky but it gets easy as you go. We are definitely preparing ourselves for report cards.

Last week you should have all had your parent conference. I certainly hope it went well. Last week was also the Halloween carnival … I did not get to go because my family and I had a little bit of a "tude" (attitude). I think it would have been awesome to go to the Carnival under the stars … but we have to pay the consequences. Life lessons are always good even if you do not feel like being good. You never know your parents control you. Thank you TPC for putting on the carnival.

I know I have told you about our 15 baby chicks so here is an update: they are only four weeks, but they have doubled in sized. They are on their 3rd layer of feathers. WOW! They are no longer inside our house. We moved them outside into a big coop/ run with a heat lamp. We think we might have a rooster! My mom plans on returning it if it is a rooster! Where's the receipt? The breeds we have: Rhode Island Reds, Americana, Plymouth Rock (Barred Rock), and a couple of white ones.

Did you know that you cannot taste food without your saliva? Even if you eat the strongest, sweetest, most sour foods in the world on a dry tongue you would not taste anything!

Beep, beep, I'm a running Roadrunner, writing all day.

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