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November 13, 2013
Look in a large daily newspaper and you see pages and pages of hard news stories. There are articles covering county supervisors, franchise sports teams and any number of national news items. All good stuff and important information that people want to know. But I've heard time and time again from readers of those dailies that the coverage of "bigger news" sometimes leaves them feeling disconnected from their communities and the people in them.

One of the things that makes a hometown newspaper unique, is the ability to keep people connected to their community. Sure we have hard news, like the story of the man who pled guilty to a charge of manslaughter in the death of a local elderly couple, or last week's story about the bust of a rather large theft ring encompassing most of San Diego County. We do run hard news, but the one thing that we do better than any daily newspaper out there is tell the story of our community and the people in it.

We receive emails all the time notifying us of something someone in our community has accomplished, or how our local businesses are changing and growing for the better. We tell those stories because telling the stories that are important to Roadrunner readers is something that is important to us.

One of my favorite ways of learning about a community and how they feel about the issues that affect us is by using guest columnists. The past four issues we have run a series of guest columns from local resident Doug Ives. While there is humor in all of his columns, most have an underlying message that tell the readers how he feels about something important in his life, whether it be the New Normal or Going to the Dogs, Ives' columns touch on something that is relevant and real. His columns have been a joy for me to read over the last month.

We are always looking for our readers to submit letters to the editor and other various stories for the Roadrunner, and guest columns are no different from any other kind of article. We have been working to improve on that and now proudly offer columns from two real estate agents, a mortgage broker and various clergy from our community along with Molly's Column and the Jag Spot found on page A7.

We want to keep improving, giving you, our readers, the news you want; so we'd like to extend the offer to all our readers to write guest columns about things that are important to you. I'd love to have a different guest columnist every week, so if you are interested in letting those who reside in Valley Center and the surrounding community know how you feel about an issue, drop me a line at and let's get the dialogue going.

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