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CCC Interest Group is not kidding

December 26, 2013
This is a note in response to Mr. John Costello's remarks "Are You Kidding" in the Dec. 19 Roadrunner.

The point in trying to save the foundations and entrance to the historic CCC Camp is just that — these buildings were historic, their foundations are historic, and the CCC Camp was and remains an important part of Valley Center's history and heritage.  Many hundreds of Valley Center residents and 16 North County historic associations wanted to preserve the CCC Camp because of its historical importance.  And a generous benefactor offered to rehabilitate all of the buildings at no expense to the school so that we could have had a remarkable and very rare preserved CCC Camp, one of the few in the Nation, and new meeting facilities that Valley Center desperately needs.

But the School Superintendent and Board did not even take the time to discuss or consider the generous offer and destroyed the buildings in violation of the law, and intentionally hid their intentions from the public.  The school has wasted over $500,000 of our school tax money through their actions and now refuses to meet to discuss how to mitigate the damage and preserve a corner of the site as a memorial to the CCC Camp (see attached schematic) and its many uses over the years as a WW II training camp, a CDF Fire Station, and a depression-era WPA facility.

The CCC Interest Group is not kidding — the CCC Camp site is worthy of being preserved and we are thankful for the strong community support to establish a CCC Camp Memorial Park.  Those who wish to contribute to this cause can contact me at

Jon Vick

CCC Interest Group

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