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Working together keeps us safe

January 08, 2014
Over the past several months the Valley Roadrunner has been focusing on increasing our crime reporting in Valley Center as we believe it is important information to the general public. Many stories have evolved from our weekly Sheriff Blotter since stepping up our crime coverage. While many of those articles have disturbed us to know these things are occurring in our community, this week's page 1 article, "Burglars target Valley Center Little League" is especially unnerving to me.

In his article, Roadrunner staff writer Michael Crane reports on the items taken from the score booths and equipment locker. Burglary is a common problem around the country and I couldn't begin to tell you a reason why.

While the burglaries themselves are very disturbing, what I am most offended by is the vandalism that occurred over the last weekend. It is unimaginable to me that someone would break into the equipment locker and spray paint "a certain four-letter word" on lockers used by children. I have to wonder, what is the point of that little gem?

Knock on wood, I have never had any property vandalized, nor have I been burglarized or the victim of any kind of violent crime and perhaps for those who have been a victim of crime this editorial may seem trite, but I am truly bothered by this incident. What if a 5-year-old child walked in and found that scrawled across those lockers? Would he be traumatized for life by it? Probably not, but I wouldn't want my child to see it.

Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me there has been a lot of crime in our town lately. Deputies at our local Sheriff substation are working hard to combat this problem that will probably never go away, but there are things we as citizens can do to help bring these offenses under control too.

We can be observant, reporting suspicious activity to the local crime-fighters. We can immediately report any crime we see, we can report drunk drivers and we can report suspicious persons. If we call our local sheriff's office and give them as much information as we can, time, date, location and description of the person or activity, it can help them to do their job even better than they already do.

Having our help can make these guys and gals who put their lives on the line for us every day even more efficient than they already are. It doesn't take much to make a quick phone call to 911 when you see something that just isn't right, but that one quick phone call can certainly help protect ourselves and our neighbors from becoming victims of a crime.

Bottom line, with a little cooperation between citizens and our deputies we can all have a hand in making Valley Center a better place to live.

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