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10 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Agricultural Property

January 27, 2014
  1. Report suspicious activity or crimes immediately to the San Diego Sheriff's Department through the non-emergency, 24-hour line at 858-565-5200. Call the Agriculture Crime Prevention Specialist at 760-751-4408 after reporting to Sheriff's Dispatch if you are the victim of an agriculture related crime.

  2. Join or establish a "Farm Watch" or "Grove Watch" Program (similar to Neighborhood Watch Program). Encourage your trusted neighbors to help watch your property and report suspicious activity.

  3. Be a good witness, this includes providing detailed descriptions, license plate numbers, etc.

  4. Make address numbers easy to see on roadways by placing them in obvious areas with reflective material.

  5. Establish strong property boundaries with well-maintained fences, gates, berms, signs, and security plants.

  6. Store all equipment when not in use in a secure structure. If equipment must be left vulnerable, disable it by removing the distributor cap, battery, or rotor.

  7. Mark equipment with identifying numbers such as an Owner Applied Number, take pictures of factory markings and save in your files.

  8. Maintain good records of all equipment, including equipment serial numbers, and take photographs of your equipment and the identifying numbers attached or stamped on the equipment.

  9. Maintain good visibility and lighting on your property and check the property regularly.

  10. Pay special attention to doors, windows, padlocks, hasps, chains, entrance and exit points, alarms, surveillance systems and lighting. Store portable equipment in locked buildings with high quality locks.

  11. If you are the victim of an agriculture crime the San Diego County Sheriff's Department encourages you to report the crime immediately even if the loss is minimal and there are little to no leads.

    Contact Ashley Jenkins, Agriculture Crime Specialist at the Valley Center Sheriff's Station at 760-751-4408 or for the following:

    To schedule a free security consultation at your property

    Information on the Owner Applied Numbers

    To establish a Farm or Grove Watch Program

    Or with any questions regarding agriculture crime prevention

    Ashley Jenkins

    Agriculture Crime Specialist

    Valley Center Sheriff's Station

    (760) 751-4408

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