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Letter to the editor

January 31, 2014
To the editor,

I built two homes and remodeled each of them during my forty years as a North County Resident.

Landscaping irrigation consumes more than 50% of all residential water consumption.

I investigated using graywater (Bath, washing machine and dishwasher water) for landscaping.

The cost for the inspections, permits and regulations made it prohibitive in costs and time. I thought with the initial droughts, the governmental agencies would have made it easier. Not so! Instead they make it more difficult.

I remember on my grandpa's farm, there was no storm drain. The water was simply discharged on the lawn. The area of discharge exhibited the most vibrant growth.

If the government would get out of the way, there would be no reason for additional conservation or major construction projects.

I understand some new housing developments will be incorporating graywater usage.

John Smylie Valley Center

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