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Molly's Column

March 05, 2014
Howdy everyone! This is Molly, how are you doing? Today I will write about school, softball, and our goals. Let's get started...

Okay so at school we had our 2nd annual Roadrunner Spelling Bee. It was for grades 3-5. When I asked the winners what was going through their minds, most of them said they were very nervous. Some said, "I was just trying to stay confident and just spell."

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the participants. You did an amazing job from the first word on. I will have the winners and full interview in my next article. I just do not have the paper with me right now. To clarify, this spelling bee was a written spelling bee. No surprise I did not make it into the spelling bee.

I am going to miss you Dr. Lou Obermeyer. You have been an awesome boss of all the schools. I hope I will see you a lot around school and around town.

We have had our first two games and they went really well. Saturday's game was rained out so we will have to make that one up. Go sluggers! Also thanks to our coaches for teaching us all we can absorb, especially you Coach Ryan.

Fifth grade students don't forget we our middle school orientation this week. The Thunderhawk ASB will show us around campus and we will visit some classrooms. I hope I get to go into my aunt's, Mrs. Martineau, classroom and my grandpa's, Mr. Martineau.

Last week my other aunt also Mrs. Martineau, was a substitute for my class. I thought she was an outgoing teacher but all the while can control the class really well. Everyone listened to her well. I hope she gets to sub again.

I LOVED the rain! It made me feel cozy and I loved watching the rain, watching movies and snuggling on the coach. It makes everything look green and fresh. I love the rain once again.

Well my goal for this week is to still take shorter showers and to have more fun with my brother and sisters. That way we do not fight as much. Another goal is to eat more of my dinner.

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