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Not wild about Harry

March 05, 2014
If you have been following this column over the last four months since I began, you know I have yet to venture into political commentary. I imagine many say ''amen'' to that. Sticking to humor, pets of the 4-legged kind, human interest stories, and business successes are my main fare.

However, I got riled up about some things that happened this past week in our nation's capital, starting with shocking inappropriate comments uttered our Senate Majority leader Harry Reid. You know the old saying "I'm just wild about Harry?" Well, I'm not.

From the Senate floor he said that people who complain they are being harmed by the Affordable Care Act are lying. There is film of him making these statements. So if you have lost your insurance, have to seek a new doctor, pay higher premiums and higher deductibles, Mr. Reid says you are lying, that you have either been manipulated to say these things, or you just haven't taken the time to embrace the Affordable Care Act. Don't forget, Congress exempted itself from the Affordable Care Act.

How can anyone in high office make such insensitive statements? On balance, he might have said that the president misspoke (a.k.a. lying) when he claimed you could keep your doctor, you could keep your health insurance plan and that the cost of Obamacare would be lower. Harry left that part out.

If this was all that happened in the political field last week, I might have shrugged. However, our top cop, Eric Holder, told state attorney generals that if they found some laws that were distasteful to them, they could ignore implementing them. We are a nation of laws and Mr. Holder tells us to pick and choose. I've never heard such a thoughtless statement. Talk about harmful!

Lastly, there is visual and verbal proof that numerous Congressional Democrats condone our president's many executive orders because of the failure of the People's House to act – namely Republicans. There is a reason why we have Separation of Powers. Spirited debate is essential and reaching a bipartisan conclusion is admirable. And yes, we do have a Constitution.

Everyone knows that not much is gets done in Washington, D.C. these days. Personally, all of us know that some of our best decisions are the ones we don't make. There needs to be consensus to pass laws and enact amendments. This can't be done successfully or meaningfully by a chief executive because he holds only his own views as correct. That's narcissistic.

We all know what happens when laws are passed without knowing what's in the law. Nancy Pelosi served that up on a silver platter when she said we have to pass the Affordable Care Act to know what's in it. This statement is my all-time head-scratching idiotic remark.

Now for some definitions:

It is said that a liberal is one who will give you the shirt off someone's back. Or that they don't care what you do as long as it's mandatory. Someone once said that liberalism is a cry from one heart to another, bypassing the brain.

I read in a Rocky Mountain News article something that reinforced what most already know:

Conservatives believe in individual freedom and responsibility. Liberals believe in sacrificing individual freedom for socially desirable outcomes. Liberals believe that government's primary role is social engineering. Conservatives believe in limited government, liberals in intrusive government when required to achieve societal needs.

Going further, liberals believe in government controls and central planning; that every problem has a government solution; in redistribution of wealth; think human nature can be changed or perfected; prefer a world government; believe in peace through co-operation and good will.

On the flip side, conservatives love free markets, are concerned about the production of wealth, think peace comes through strength, are nationalists, and think human nature is what makes us imperfect.

Well, enough of this stuff. I'm going to ease out of my first political commentary column with humor, or at least my version of it.

Did you hear about the final explanation for Chris Christie's associates closing the bridge in New Jersey and causing a huge traffic jam?

It seems as though the governor told his aides he was going on a huge diet, which I believe is necessary in his case. It was later learned that he told his aides to close the fridge. Some apparently heard a different first letter.

And now for some astute bumper stickers seen in Oregon, which is the home of one of my family members:

• I Got a Gun for My Husband. Best trade I ever made.

• All Men are Animals. Some Just Make Better Pets.

• Honk if you Love Peace and Quiet.

• If You Are Broke, We're Incompatible.

• Politicians and Diapers Need to Be Changed for the Same Reason.

There is probably bipartisan consensus on that last quip.

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