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The Jaguars' Spot

March 12, 2014
There is one thing that I just know I am going to truly miss about high school: Free Kisses.

Let me explain…

Since my freshman year I have been attending the Fullerton Theatre Festival with the drama club. A group of twenty or so inducted thespians or students working on being inducted into the International Thespian Society Troupe #6199 set out on an early Friday morning for a weekend of dramatic fun! And, for those who know my love for Disneyland, Fullerton pretty much exceeds that.

Every year we go, I am like Dorothy clicking her ruby red heels and ending up at home.

What is the Fullerton Theatre Festival, you ask? It's an incredible two-day acting competition put on by Cal State Fullerton.

Schools all across the southern part of California set up camp on campus and battle it out for the winning trophy. There are costumes and wigs and props scattered everywhere. People running lines and singing songs in a choreographed manner that could only be found in some modern rendition of High School Musical.

And in the mist of these theatre loving thespians are some of the crazier ones, that's where I fall.

Sophomore year I wanted to unleash my inner Fanny Brice and be noticed at competition. That is how I came up with the idea of "Free Kisses."

As soon as I got to competition I whipped out my cardboard sign and walked around. Those who were confident to walk up to me were greeted with a wonderful kiss…a chocolate kiss that is.

Since then, the VCHS Drama club has stepped up its game with other fun conversation starters such as "Puns for Pennies" and "Free Hugs."

And this year will be the best year yet! With 27 of our most talented thespians at Valley Center High School we're sure to come home with dozens of memories and multiple show tunes ingrained in our brain.

Many students in the past have attended this competition with Mr. Ward such as Katie Leclerc and even some of our football favorites like Martin Cunningham and Torrey Denver!

This year we have four seniors attending their last festival and passing on the legacy of free kisses. JoAnna Brown (who brought home a 2nd place trophy for Contemporary Comedic monologue her sophomore year), Stephanie McCaulley, Kelsey Rocha (my original kiss girl partner in crime), and I will brace Fullerton college for the last time.

This makes me kinda sad because Fullerton has really been the highlight of my high school years. Everyone finds their niche whether it be football games, dances, or even photography. In high school we find our place and a group of friends to keep in touch with as we venture off to college.

And if there's anything that my experiences at Fullerton have taught me is that being you is the only thing that really matters. When you are yourself, you're happy.

If it's cheering on that quarterback, shredding it on the dance floor, developing film, or handing out free kisses; finding yourself is the best part of high school, Jags.

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