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Molly's Column

March 19, 2014
Hi this is Molly! I have something to tell you…before I explode! But I will hold it in until after my school report, random facts about eggs (hint, hint) and goals.

Did you know that elapsed time means the time that has past? Well I certainly did not until last week in class. We are learning about time, working on vocabulary, spelling and our class even threw in some art. For art we are learning how to do abstract art but we have to be able to label each little shape that was created. I love art because if you are frustrated about a subject in class you can just release it in your art. That is all for…wait, we also got to see a preview of the Middle School's play "The Wizard of OZ" It was a little assembly at our school and it was very funny, cute and very RAD! The play will be on for this weekend on Friday and Sunday. Come and support our actors and school play!

EEEKKK, Oh My EGG! I want to scream! Warning there might be a lot of explanation marks in this paragraph!! Okay one of our hens (hen means girl chicken) laid an egg! It was one of the two Rhode Island Whites. They are white chickens but the egg was a light tan color with little tiny white specks. We have waited for six months for our first egg! This means so much to me because we got them when they were only three days old. None of them died and two of them ended up being roosters so we have 13 hens and two roosters. They started out in our house in a rubber box with a light and little feeders. Then we moved them to another little pen outside in our front yard. When they were ready we moved them to our big coop. We let them out every day and we play with them all the time. They are really fun and social and I don't think you could go wrong with chickens… unless you end up with a rooster!! We all took turn holding the first egg and playing with it. I took measurements of the egg. The egg was one and one half inches. The yolk was one inch. Then it was time to eat it!! We cooked it as a flat egg and my mom cut it up for all of us to try. It tastes a lot different from store bought… it was by far better! The yolk was a dark yellow.

Here are some fun and interesting facts about eggs:

• Did you know that the color of the yolk does not matter it just depends on the hen's diet (dark yellow means high green vegetable diet, medium yellow is corn and alfalfa and light yellow is wheat and barley)

• Eggs are high in protein, they help build muscle and it will leave you full and happy

• Did you know China owns the most chickens?

• Finally, it only takes 21 days for a fertilized egg to hatch

My goals for this week are to absolutely give my 100% everyday and finish cleaning out my pig pen.

Beep beep I'm a running Roadrunner writing all day!

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