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Letters to the Editor: Re, "Time for School District to revisit CCC controversy:"

March 19, 2014
I read with distaste the continual harassment of the CCC Interest Group towards the VCPUSD and Dr. Obermeyer.

The property in question was advertised for a long time before the auction. If the Interest Group was so concerned about preserving the historical nature of the property, WHY DIDN'T THEY SUBMIT AT LEAST A TOKEN BID ON THE PROPERTY? Mr. Vick's letter says that the school district was the only bidder for the property. Where I come from, if you snooze, you lose! Surely, they had money as they have spent some on legal fees.

I was glad to see the buildings razed and look forward to seeing the foundations removed. The buildings were an eye sore and the foundations continue to be so. Let's get on with making this a park for the children and adults to enjoy. I think the school district were farsighted in acquiring the property as it is across the street from the bus park. Surely, the school district will be in need of future space because of all the planned developments in the news recently. Valley Center certainly is in need of more park facilities.

I am quite familiar with the CCC and the WPA. There is lots of information on the Internet about both of these organizations. They were both GREAT during the time of the depression in the 30s and early 40s. The CCC kept the young men busy doing productive things and having them help their parents – part of the money they earned went directly to the parents. Likewise, the WPA helped men support their families while maintaining their dignity. (Too bad similar programs are not still in place, rather than the handouts of food stamps and welfare- my theory is "no work, no eat- if you are able")

I lived in Idaho during that period and I frequently saw Army style trucks with open backs pass by with CCC boys and the WPA worked on reinforcing the river bank on the back of our farm. The CCC was housed in many places and I fail to see anything unique about their presence in Valley Center.

I would hope that the good neighbor policy would prevail and if the Interest Group wants to put a plaque on the property similar to the ones on the heritage trail, that the school district would give permission. However, the Museum should be the place where the historical facts are available. I hope that I don't read anything further about this. Surely, Mr. Vick can find something more meaningful to write about.

Leo R. Muller Valley Center

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