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Letter to the Editor: Settling our differences

March 26, 2014
Dear Editor,

The CCC Interest Group agrees 100% with your comment in the March 20th RoadRunner: "These two groups need to work together and move past this issue, and the sooner the better."

The CCC Interest Group has offered to meet with the School Board at least 6 times since February 2013 to come to a solution, and we have offered multiple ideas that would serve to provide both "playing fields for the kids" and a memorial to Valley Center's historically important CCC Camp. At the March 2014 School Board meeting we once again pleaded with the Board to stop this wasteful spending of money and to meet with us to discuss a solution, and we presented them with a "Full Site" plan that would resolve the issue. In every case we have been met with silence. Most disturbing is the unfairness with which the School District has treated the community in dealing with this issue behind closed doors and out of public view for more than a year. It is wrong for the school to use public money without letting the public have a say in how the money is used.

Mr. Hunsaker contends that the CCC Interest Group filed a lawsuit regarding the purchase price of the property. He has been misinformed as this is not so. It doesn't take a PhD to know that if you are the only bidder you don't have to offer a high price. However, the lawsuit was filed not based on the price offered but because the CCC Interest Group believes the School Board violated the Brown Act and ignored the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and thus broke these laws. Those who serve the public should not break the law to accomplish their goals. The Superintendent's and School Board's deliberately hidden actions and disregard for the law resulted in the destruction of historically important buildings. This is wrong and is a significant loss to the community.

In addition Mr. Hunsaker states that the School Board "politely declined" the exceptionally generous offer to restore the historic buildings at no expense to the school. He obviously was not at the meeting when this offer was made. The fact is that the Board did not seriously discuss this exceptional offer or how it might work. From all appearances the Board came to the March 2013 Board meeting with their decision to vote to "clear the site" already made, a decision made with no public discussion and not on the agenda, and the Board voted unanimously to destroy the historic buildings. And 2 days later the bulldozers showed up to fulfill a contract that had been signed by Dr Obermeyer a month before the Board voted to clear the site. This is wrong and caused great damage to our community.

Once again, in an effort to benefit the community, the CCC Interest Group offers to meet with the School Board to "work together and move past this issue" as soon as possible.

Jon Vick

CCC Interest Group

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