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Molly's Column

April 02, 2014
Hi this is Molly! This week I have 3 special guests with me … my new 4-H pigs! Today I will write about school, pigs (oink oink), shout outs and goals. I am sitting in my pig pen and writing my article.

At school we learned geometry with measurement which I admit is pretty fun because I usually do not love math. In science we are learning about the solar system. Do you believe in a black hole? Most young scientist believes that they have enough evidence to claim there may be a black hole in our solar system. Maybe that can be one of your goals this week, to research the "Black Hole".

For writing and English we are working on our state report. Like I said in the last article I am writing about the great state of Wyoming. Here are some fun facts…

• Did you know Wyoming was the first state to allow woman to have freedom?

• Wyoming first came up with the slang word, "Dude"

• Wyoming was the first state to come up with the department store JC Penney's

If you are here visiting from Wyoming with Wyoming stickers and license plate on your car, I may have gotten really excited that someone from Wyoming was here in VC! I saw the passenger wearing a cowboy hat so I waved to him when we drove past, but he didn't wave back

Piggy's … Oh My OINK! The long wait of waiting until the 4-H season to start back up again is long over. I now have my pigs. Their names are: Spitfire (girl/Gilt), Digger Tiger (boy/Barrow) and Boggles (girl/Gilt). Boggles is a pig from Texas. She is grey and white, she is a Hampshire Cross. Digger Tiger and Spitfire came from Ramona. They are both Hampshire's and are black and white. They are all friendly. I cannot pick a favorite. They all have their differences but I love all of them the same. I will be showing at the San Diego County Fair (also known as the Del Mar Fair) and Ramona Fair. I am so EXCITED!

Shout outs go to Ronnie Roth and her grandma, Coach Ryan and Valley Center Oil. Coach Ryan I think you should grow an Italian Mustache! Oh and don't forget to get your $1 fountain drink of any size at Valley Center Oil until May!!!

This week my goal is to get my Texas pig use to me. I also want to stay caught up on my school work.

Beep Beep I'm a running Roadrunner writing all day.

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