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April 02, 2014
David Gilmour once said, "It is an example of what films can do how they can slip past your defenses and really break your heart."

Last Wednesday I was hanging out with my friends Macy and Alexandra when I got a pretty radical text message. I squealed and scared them along with another five or six people.

This text message was about the San Diego County Office of Education's Innovative Video in Education Awards. The iVIE awards is a festival that Mr. Goodman really encourages his students to enter, so much so that my film was a project he's allowed me to work on since last semester.

I've written about my film "Say Something" before and how incredible it was to work with amazing and talented students from our school.

As it is with most things I do, my confidence level when entering "Say Something" could be described as merely borderline average. I'm one of those kiddos that likes to do things for others rather than myself, and this film was no exception.

I wanted to tell a story about students in high school with the real issues. I wanted people to notice these problems and say something about them.

So Wednesday, that text message told me that someone liked my story. "Say Something" is nominated for the iVIE's, woo!

Another film from our school was also nominated, Austin Paredes and Bannon Greer's "Scattering Ashes" was also nominated for the 9-12 Fiction category.

Our films will be part of a special screening on April 26 at Ultra Star Cinemas on 7510 Hazard Center Drive.

On May 6 there will be a special awards ceremony at the San Diego Civic Theatre where all nominees will walk down a red carpet and experience their own Academy Award-like affair.

I got to give major props to Austin and Bannon because their film is pretty stellar and they will definitely be fierce competition. However, if there is anything I learned in the process of making this film it is that film is not about yourself, film is made for others.

To entertain. To give a break from the stress of life. To tell a story and change lives. Film can break your heart, build it up, or make you reevaluate life. And that is what I hope "Say Something" does for everyone.

You can check out Austin's film on last week's VCTime episode and I would most definitely like to invite you all to the screening of "Say Something."

There are a ton of avenues and motivators at the high school and thanks to the support of Mr. Goodman, a few of us are living our passions out.

We are taking our stories to the big screen hopefully changing, not breaking, hearts along the way.

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