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Molly's Column

April 09, 2014
Hi this is Molly! In this week's column, I will write about six things: school, pigs, shout outs, 10 cool, and random facts and goals. Let's get started.

In my 5th grade class we had our awards assembly for the second trimester. This year our school broke a record for the most Principals Awards. We also started our trimester three benchmarks which I didn't like my score. That is ok because the benchmark tests just help the teacher's understand what the class needs to work on.

This trimester my goal is to earn Principals Award again. We have Spring Break next week. I am really looking forward to Spring Break so I can get caught up on everything that I need to get caught up on. Why don't they just call it Easter Break since that is why we don't have school that week? I am also doing really badly at my Lent offerings. I think that I am going to set aside another forty days and start Lent over again. We participate in Lent to give up something for God or make sacrifices so we can understand what he went through preparing for his death.

Piggy's … Oh My OINK! Hi this is Boggles, Digger Tiger and Spitfire and we are pigs! We may eat like slobs, but we taste like mmmm good bacon, pork ribs, ham, pork chops and much more. We are trying so hard to be as cute as possible. Sometimes we run in a circle, sit like a dog and then roll over. Yep we are quite the show. So those were my three pigs I was telling you about last week.

Here are 10 random facts:

• A shrimp's heart is in its head.

• Did you know that 50% or more people in the world have never received a telephone call?

• Rats and Horses can not throw up.

• Did you know that the lipstick you use most likely has fish scales in it?

• Starfish don't have a brain.

• Did you know slugs have 4 noses?

• Bubble wrap was originally created to be wallpaper.

• The lighter was invented before the match.

• When you pass away your hair still grows for a couple of months!

• The smell of a skunk can be smelled by humans a mile away.

Shout outs! Hellllloooo Mrs. Gina Stehly! Thank you for always reading my articles. Hello Mrs. Nyberg, one of our teacher's. I hope you feel better soon! Mr. Bill, thank you so much for helping us out at our school!

My goal is to keep on improving with my grades. Just like my softball coach tells me, "Every pitch is harder than the last" so every grade is harder than the last.

Beep Beep I'm a running Roadrunner writing all day!

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