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April 09, 2014
Many of us encounter something that automatically shifts our life onto a new set of train tracks. I met someone.

Mrs. Ana Hui, a teacher at the Lilac school, has always been a huge role model and great friend of mine since I was a little girl. My love for her surpassed the universe and I would do anything to show her how grateful I am to have her in my life.

This was most evident in the months leading up to the MSWalk.

Mrs. Hui was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. And for the past fourteen years I have joined the movement in fighting for a cure.

For those who don't know what MS is, it is an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. MS affects more women than men and, because symptoms vary, it can be hard to diagnose.

I started walking for Team Ana when I was four years old, doll in hand and ready to tackle the world. Once I was old enough to fully understand the extent of MS, I took it upon myself to find the cure. I thought raising the most money would do the trick.

I baked cookies, made jewelry, walked door to door asking for donations and did just about anything little Alina could think of to raise the most money.

You know that feeling where you know you're just destined to do something? I felt I was destined to advocate for a cure for MS.

I was in middle school when I realized the actual way I needed to raise awareness.

However persistent I was at finding this cure on my own by raising the most money, I had to acknowledge that I couldn't do this alone. In discovering this revelation I switched my mindset from raising the most money to getting the most people aware of the disease.

From that point on, raising money and awareness for MS has been both my mission and the reason I am writing about this.

The MSWalk is Sunday, April 27th at Legoland California at 7:30am. I would like to personally invite you to come be a part of Team Ana.

You can sign up at or find me for more information.

I know that Mrs. Hui has not only touched my life but many from being a teacher in our district and a friend to all her students.

I can't find this cure on my own Jags, and you have the power to help us be one step close to a world free of MS.

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