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Molly's Column

April 16, 2014
Hey everyone, this is Molly! Today this blue colored pen I am holding will write about school, an interview with our afternoon librarian, five facts about Easter and bunnies, shout outs, three fun and inspiring quotes, the mystery of my neighborhood, and last, but definitely not leas, goals.

At school we were learning about the 50 states and their capitols. Each student, in room 24 was supposed to complete a state report of any state they pleased. You were not allowed to pick the same state as someone else. There are 50 states and 34 students in my class. This was due April 20 for Open House. As you know, the state that I chose was Wyoming. I have told you multiple facts about this glorious state and I am so thrilled to say that Wyoming is by far my favorite state. As I am finishing up, the song ''Wakko's 50 State Capitols,'' pops into my mind. This song teaches you about all the 50 states and their capitols. It's a great song by the way, but it easily gets stuck in your head.

In math we are learning about the different properties there are in addition and subtraction. There is commutative, associative, and zero properties. Zero properties are when you have an addition or subtraction problem that has a zero in it. For example: 888+0=888. I put all eights in there because eight is my favorite number. Commutative property is when you have an algebra problem without parentheses or exponents. Associative property is the exact opposite. This term uses parentheses and exponents.

To conclude the school section of my article, we are learning how to argue in class. Not really, we are just learning about argumentative writing. How do you do it? Well, first you have to pick a topic then choose if you are with or against the topic. Then you write why our why not you agree or disagree with your topic. You have to support your claim with evidence from different websites. And just so you know, I love to argue!

What is going on school wide? Well there is still the Rachel's Challenge links. Our school is trying to get our Rachel's Challenge Link as long as the running track. What can I say, kindness is in the air and we need to write that down on a link that your teacher can provide you with.

Piggies! Hi, its Boggles, Digger Tiger, and don't forget Spitfire. We all got combined in the same pen. Oink. Before we were separated and now we are even happier than can be. We are eating good and getting our full 12 hours of sleep. ZZZZZ…Got to go!

As you all know, I interviewed the afternoon librarian at my school. Here are some of the questions that I asked her…

What is your favorite book? "My favorite book is Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein."

What is your favorite part about being a librarian? "I love seeing the joy in kids' eyes when they are reading a book."

How many years did you have to go to college? "Actually, I am not a librarian – I am a clerk. The difference is that a clerk helps children and a librarian helps everyone with mainly just books. So I am sure you have to go to college, but I just do not know how many years. Also librarians teach and clerks just help."

Do you prefer to read off a nook or a regular book? "I would much rather read out of a regular book because I like that feeling of turning the pages. I do have a nook though and use it during the summer because then the pages cannot blow away."

What is you favorite type of reading to do? "I like historical nonfiction, but my favorite is nonfiction itself."

Did you always love to read? "I definitely have always loved to read."

Here are five facts about Easter: Easter is one of my favorite holidays because if Jesus had not died on the cross, our sins would never be forgiven and we would all go to purgatory, or maybe even worse. Because no one is born without original sin except for Mother Mary.

• Christians consider Easter Eggs as a symbol of joy and happiness.

• Rabbits can jump 36 inches or higher

• More than 700 million peeps are sold for just Easter

• Christians consider bunnies and rabbits a symbol of joy

• Over 90 million yummy chocolate bunnies are made just for Easter

This week I would like to give a shout out to Mrs. Bernie Embry. I very much admire how you are always smiling and so joyful. Also to my Uncle Chris…when are you coming back down? He is in Willits, which up north. Mrs. Calabrese, the principal of the primary school, hello.

Here are the most inspiring quotes that I can find and they make you feel good after reading them….

"Don't cry about the past, it's gone, don't stress about the future, it's not there yet. Live in the present and make it beautiful."- Unknown

"Set your goals high and don't stop until you get there." – Bo Jackson

"Every minute that you spend angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness."- Ralph Waldo Emerson

And I am even going to add a funny one in there too!

"Anyone can be cool, but awesome takes practice."-Lorraine Peterson

The mystery of my neighborhood: My neighbor, Mr. Martin, found four white and brown cracked eggs by his shop. Mr. Martin doesn't even have chickens! How did they get there? Well, there are two neighbors who have chickens and we are one of them. Who is it? Whose eggs are behind his shop? Certainly not us…our chickens don't lay white eggs…but could they? Our chickens are free range and we do have squirrels. I have seen the squirrels roll an egg…but all the way to Mr. Martin's house? That is just mind-blowing! I will try and solve this mystery and update you by next article. Bwa-ha-ha-ha.

My goals for this week are to have as much fun as possible with my brother and sister and my three pigs. Also, I want to let you know that I will not be writing an article this week because it is spring break.

Beep Beep! I'm a running Roadrunner on spring break!

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