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Letter to the Editor

Neighbors shouldn't advertise their political beliefs

May 07, 2014
I drive by a sign everyday on West Lilac Road that has a political message on it that refers to an incident that happened in 2012. This sign, I might add, is approximately 10 feet by 12 feet. Whether you agree with it or not, it's an atrocity.

Practically everyone I talk to hates it. Everyone knows the neighbor who has put up numerous signs like this one. Voting signs don't bother me as they're small, they come down after a short time, and mixed views are expressed.

This sign I am discussing has been up over a month. What drives a person to flaunt their personal views? Are they so insecure that they feel they must convert everyone else to their way of thinking? Maybe they have doubts about their own beliefs?

Whatever the reason, it's very inconsiderate to their neighbors, not to mention it's a terrible eye sore. The sign is even on car tires, so it can be moved around. I realize this sign is on their property, but get a grip, move on!

Candy Layton

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