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The Jaguars' Spot

May 07, 2014
I've met a lot of authors in my lifetime.

Most recently, with my book tour, I've met many authors who are also teachers. Crazy, huh? Teachers are only suppose to eat, breathe, and live in their classroom, right?

Actually, no.

Being a teacher has to be one of the hardest professions out there. Trust me on this one, I've pretty much grown up inside a classroom. Teachers sometimes live double lives. So in honor of Day of the Teacher, which is May 14, I'd like to share some amazing lessons I've learned from teachers at the high school.

The first lesson has to be to never pass an opportunity to tell a life-inspiring story.

This I've learned in the past three years of The Butterfly Circus, John Wooden's pyramid of success, and "bit wait for it chin" stories from Mr. Goodman. He always seems to have a story for everything and most importantly makes you stop and look around to see how you can serve others and make their day.

I've also learned that we all have that one thing that makes us a little different and interesting.

In the case of Mrs. Rienick, this could mean dragons, or costumes, or horse shows, oh my! As an English teacher, she had us embrace these unique differences and create works of writing with our heart.

Always remember to tell people where you come from.

As the sponsor for International Thespian Society Troupee #6199, Mr. Ward constantly reminds us that "Once a Thespian, always a Thespian" and that sometimes you have to do things, not because you want to but because you're counted on and asked to.

And finally, there's always more than one way to look at things.

I was taught this lesson by two teachers. Once was my freshman year with Ms. Franco in biology. She would sit with me whenever I had a question about the previous test and just go over the answers, if I showed proof that I knew the material and just freezed up during the test, she would give me credit and figure out how to teach it better.

Junior year in AP Stats, Mrs. Thor did a similar thing. She was the first math teacher I had who didn't yell at me for using the wrong problem, but instead had me explain my way of thinking, which was probably one of the reasons I loved stats so much. That and tea time Thursdays!

These aren't classroom lessons, but they are the lessons I will never forget.

So this coming Wednesday, don't miss out on the opportunity to tell your teachers how much they mean to you. Teachers live more than one life, but their main job is to help inspire and plant the seeds for you to grow during yours, Jags.

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