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Letter to the Editor

School acts secretly and dishonestly

May 14, 2014
The CCC Interest Group legal action against the school is based on the unfair, opaque, dishonest and unlawful way in which the VCPUSD superintendent and board acted and spent public money to destroy an important part of VC's heritage.

The board voted to destroy the CCC Camp buildings with no public discussion and with instructions to the contractors to keep quiet because "of the sensitivity of the situation." The superintendent and board treated the public arrogantly, unfairly, and dishonestly, and with an absolute lack of transparency when they voted to destroy the buildings. This vote was not an agenda item, and thus was not legally noticed or discussed. The school board spent public money to destroy something that many wanted to preserve and had a way to do so at no cost to the school or to the public as a local benefactor had offered to rehabilitate the buildings. This generous offer was not even discussed by the school board who had apparently come to the March, 2013 board meeting with a secretly approved decision to destroy the buildings.

We believe that the superintendent and board violated the Brown Act, which requires open discussion and advance notice of action items such as a vote to destroy the buildings before the action is voted on. Additionally, we believe that they violated the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) by destroying the historical buildings without complying with CEQA. As a result they have been required to file an Environmental Impact report (EIR) that could have been avoided had they worked with the community to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

The CCC Interest Group has repeatedly offered to meet with the School Board to discuss a dedication of a small corner of the site as a CCC Memorial Park. The board has refused to meet thus incurring significant avoidable legal expenses.

Public officials need to be accountable. To those who complain about our action against the school, do you really want your appointed and elected school leadership to set an example of unfairness, dishonesty, lack of transparency and unlawful behavior, and get away with it?

Jon Vick

CCC Interest Group

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