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The Jaguars' Spot

May 21, 2014
There are 21 days left of school.

For about 300 of us, that makes 21 days left of high school.

In all honesty, it is a scary thought to think about. We've grown up with things practically handed to us and then on June 11 we will be sent off to tackle things on our own. We will be facing things that 12 years of schooling did not prepare us for.

We will be experiencing new things in new places with new people and, however exciting that seems, it's also terrifying.

We see the world as this vast, wide-open space for us to strive and achieve our dreams and it is. It is also a place for us to share who we are and the gifts we've picked up here at our years at Valley Center High School.

My freshman year I made a video asking people what love was.

I got the standard definitions of ágape and éros. The honeymoon stages of high school couples and the wise, old advice of couples in their golden years. No matter whom I asked they seemed to have their own definition.

Some people did not seem to agree with everyone's definition as I interviewed, pointing out flawed definitions or ideas of what love is.

Here's the lesson, Jags, just as we all learned how to pick up a pencil and write the same 26 letters in first grade, we interpret things differently. We don't all write the same way. Each of our "G"s are different and we all dot our "I"s uniquely too, (I don't even dot mine).

And with our different interpretations we see things in ways others might not. We back our reasoning for things based on experience and moments we've encountered, but not everyone has had those experiences.

Even if we don't all agree on something, it is important to respect someone else's thought, after all, we all experience love.

(To be continued...)

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