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The Jaguars' Spot

June 04, 2014
"Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn't stop for anybody." -Stephen Chbosky.

Come junior year, I was mentally exhausted. With our trademark "Get 'er done!" mentality at the high school, I filled my schedule with all Honors and AP classes. At the start of this school year I was no longer an underclassman and although being at the top of the food chain was nice, I was not all too keen to it.

I had learned in my previous years how to respect others and work alongside them, but now it was time to learn how to let them go.

Letting go isn't a fun thing in life, but sometimes it occurs naturally.

Friends from elementary and middle school were now just blurred faces in classrooms and other blurs now became HD images and new acquaintances. I liked these new kids because, as sad as I am admitting it, I was never really myself during the first half of my high school years.

After knowing all these kids since first grade it was kind of hard to change the predetermined image of "Alina Gonzalez."

But that's the glorious thing about letting go. You become free of something that was once a huge weight on your shoulders.

Just look at Elsa from Frozen. As soon as she lets go and allows her powers to become a part of her she has a total transformation into a confident and secure young woman.

Although my transformation junior year didn't include an Academy Award winning song, my confidence grew.

I let myself change into the person I wanted to be, because after all, high school is about finding yourself, right? And within this new me, I lost friends who moved on or stayed behind with themselves and their transformations, but it was all okay.

Life kept on living.

It's scary sometimes to go on and be yourself in high school because kids will constantly judge us, but we have to be okay and sometimes do things for you and not others.

And that's my message to you, Jags: Respect others, learn to work well with them, but never be afraid to let go.

To be continued…

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